Agreed, but he lacks the competence to be that overseer. This is the pivotal problem.

Als today posted a link to a page which claims to have the best pictures from this week's practice.

[url=] ... 7c6e51?utm[/url]

However, all the players are wearing the signature helmets instead of the white ones. Furthermore, Brandon Bridge looks like he is in the background of one of them. Most likely, these photos were taken from the practices before the home game versus Hamilton.

The Alouettes have assigned #1 to Greg McGhee (QB, 6’3, 208) who is on the practice squad.

The player wearing #1 from the posted page had yellow shoes which matches what Brandon Bridge wore. Here is a picture from today's practice. None of the 4 quarterbacks are wearing yellow shoes. There is somebody with orange though. Maybe that is Greg McGhee. Also from this picture there seems to be no changes in the OL, so Luc Brodeur-Jourdain does not appear ready to start yet.

Herb Zurkowsky says Mikhail Davidson is now on the Practice Roster.

[url=] ... ttawa-team[/url]

Website also corrected Michael's Bamiro listed position from DT to OL.

I agree with you. Just have a feeling Williams & CO. will tear them apart.

Mikey needs to make some money this week. What in ur opinion is a logical bet for friday.

Ottawa by 1 to 6 points
Ottawa by 7 to 12
Ottawa by 13 to 18
Ottawa by 19 to 24
Or Ottawa by 25+

Im liking 7 to 12....

Were gonna be in it and choke at the end. Burris is gonna be hitting bloopers to the outfield all game.

Yeah, I agree. The onus SHOULD be on Thorpe to step up. He got owned by Elizondo last time. So how is he going to find ways to counter what Ottawa is doing on offense?

Same goes for Calvillo and Chapdelaine. On the plus side, last time we played it was Flopgate, in addition to S.J. and Sutton going down with injuries. So we were left undermanned on the offensive side of the ball. This time, hopefully, none of that stuff happens.

Mike, I'd go with 13-18. Mark Nelson has owned us the past two years and I can't see that changing...

I’d wait and find out if Carter is going to dress. If he does not, where are any points going to come from ?

If this team loses, they will pull Glen and bring back the Crompton.

If they bring back Chuck and Duck, I am not watching the team for the rest of the year. And I am going to write a letter to Wetenhall voicing my displeasure.

Not sure they will bring Compton back but it would be understandable to have a look at him given he is the only Als QB with a winning record since Calvillo.

But I think they should go to Cato. I'm not sure what would be preventing them from supporting Cato if they are not. They seem intent on adding QBs continually and not fully determine what they have in Cato.

It’s hard to believe that the Alouettes under Crompton were a stellar 8-2 when he was the starting qb. The big question though was this W/L record due to Crompton and his play or was it more like it was inspite of it ? Judging by the majority of posts in this forum I would say that most Alouette fans would say the latter. Anyway for what it’s worth I would be very surprised to see the team ever going back to Crompton as their starting QB. I think that if the losing continues for this team and if they eventually fall out of play-off contention that they will finish out the season with Cato as the starter with Glenn in the wings as a tutor and for mop up duty only. There just doesn’t seem to be any upside, reason or room for this team to activate a Jonathan Crompton who has played all of three games since that 8-2 string back in 2014.

The record had very little to do with Crompton. His stats were garbage and incidentally it's not like we won in the playoffs with Crompton under center. Classic case of confusing correlation with causation.

Crompton had the benefit of playing with our veteran O-line, including Bourke. Garcia got the most out of him by making him a one-read QB who basically just chucked the ball up for Green and Carter and hoped for the best. But that kind of popgun stuff only goes so far.

You sound like Donald Trump…scary. :cry:

Jovon Johnson not happy with Herb Zurkowsky. He believes Zurkowsky branded him a loser in yesterday's article. Billy Parker then agrees with him on the assessment of Zurkowsky as always being negative.

Join the club. I did the same when Glenn was the starter at the beginning of the season.

They don’t seem to care.

Arbitrator did not announce his ruling immediately leading to speculation that Duron Carter will play on Friday.

Als hope if Carter is eventually suspended, it will be next week against Winnipeg. By then, both Kenny Stafford and Tyrell Sutton are expected to be back in the lineup.

Us as fans we can trash the team all we want. But hes a reporter for the gazette like the biggest news paper in montreal. How can someone even try and become a fan if he always pooping on the team and the players at every chance he gets.

Good for both of them. Glad some of the players are fed up with his constant stream of lazy negativity. He doesn’t even chase down the real stories worthy of criticism. Just sits on his a$$ and spew the same old invective. :thdn:

I like Donald.