As per Didier, Klassen put on 6-game and Parker to miss a 2nd game with groin.

Our young DBs are certainly being thrown into the fire, hopefully the experience gained pays off in the long term.

Herb Zurkowsky said Cody Hoffman split reps with Corbin Louks at practice on Monday.

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Éric Leblanc said that Kenny Stafford will likely play next week. Tyrell Sutton: not as likely. There is also something from Jacques Chapdelaine talking about trust, but I do not understand the translation well enough to determine if it is important or not.

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Not ideal, but clearly JP wanted to rejuvenate the D-backfield with the off season moves he made, so situations dictate baptism by fire. basically like playing two rookies on the OL.

Chapedelaine's quotes from the article (tried to capture essence, not literal translation):

« On n’a pas obtenu la production qu’on désirait en attaque, mais on a vu des réponses en analysant la partie. Ce n’est pas comme si on était dans le néant présentement, il reste à déterminer pourquoi on n’atteint pas nos objectifs. C’est le football, plusieurs éléments viennent influencer le résultat »
We didn't get the production we wanted but saw some solutions/answers in the game film. It isn't like we are in the void/nothingness, but need to find why it isn't working. In football several elements impact results.
« En attaque, le succès d’un dépend du travail des autres. Quand l’addition ne se fait pas, ça ne fonctionne pas et on va tous mal paraître. Il faut être critique envers nous et mieux faire à la prochaine occasion. On avait des jeux à notre portée, des receveurs libérés et Duron n’a pas joué son meilleur match, on ne se le cachera pas »
Offence depends on everyone doing their job. When the everyone doesn't an offence looks bad. We need to critically analyze our play and do better nest time. We had plays wishing our tech, receivers were open and we can't hide that Duron didn't have his best game.
« Il y a également une question de confiance. Présentement, on est peut-être fragile dans certaines situations »
There is also the question of conficdence. Right now it is fragile in certain circumstances.

Liked where Hoffman seemed to be going in his development last season pre0injury; wouldn't mind seeing what he has this season if he is ready. Looks made a great hustle play last week, but not inspiring confidence as a receiver.

If Stafford is healthy then that would be especially nice if Carter has to sit; not a replacement but maybe the best option in terms.

They need to make certain that Sutton does not come back until he is the proverbial 110% healthy.

Ooh, Stafford will play next week. Stop the presses! :roll:

Cunningham has been a substantial upgrade on Stafford and should continue to play, if there is any pretense of fairness and reward for performance on this team. If Stafford plays, well, we'll know that being Duron Carter's cousin matters more than being actually useful...

2-6. I don't see them beating Ottawa. I think the Als secondary which has been good will be picked apart.

Yup. But Johnny does not blame the rookie players. It's Elizondo the Ottawa OC who will make Thorpe his b*tch again! :roll:

Agree :thup:

Whyyyy would anyone wanna make the trip to Ottawa and watch this crap. I see people commenting on stuff saying how they are excited to be there in Ottawa. Dude its sold out sell your tickets make a buck. Long boring sad 2 hrs back my friend.

I think the rookies have played very well this year. Mincy, Davis, and Henderson are good kids and will only get better. It's not their fault that we have no pass rush and Thorpe refuses to change his schemes to counter what specific OCs are doing.

From what I read, Chap thinks that yes, the playcalling can improve -- not a criticism of Calvillo, just a reflection of what the coaches need to do better -- but that receivers were open last game. We just didn't capitalize. That speaks to Glenn and receiver focus more than anything else. I've said since the beginning of the season that Glenn's field vision has declined; he misses open receivers, particularly on backside plays, far more frequently than a QB his age should. I can't count how many times I've seen him miss a receiver or RB wide-open on a backside flat or curl route and instead try to force a ball into tight coverage in the middle of the field (usually resulting in an incompletion).

The other issue is running the ball. Everyone knows we have to do better. Calvillo has to commit to the ground game more but the line has to block and Rutley has to go north-south when necessary. He has to stop dancing around in the backfield. Hit that hole at the line at full speed.

I'd make a change at Running Back. Rutley isn't blocking well or running well. Or cut somewhere else and dress two backs.

Popp should call run or pass to Calvillo on every play. Force him to stay balanced until there is no point.

The running game needs to be fixed: we've been losing yards on many run plays. The 2 back formation worked well last year, it's time to bring in McDaniel to take the pressure off Rutley.

I'm with you. I'd use a two-back set with Rutley and McDaniel (Sutton when he's healthy).

Popp should call run or pass to Calvillo on every play. Force him to stay balanced until there is no point.
You honestly think Popp knows enough about coaching to decide whether a play should be run or pass? This is precisely the problem. A real head coach would be in there taking control of the situation. We've got a cardboard cutout of a coach. Calvillo is a rookie in the OC role but I trust him way more to call plays than I do Popp. Alternatively, make Chap the de facto co-OC and let him call run or pass (with AC deciding on the specific play).

Agree that the running game needs to improve, but to me it falls on the o-line more than the RBs.

I agree Sutton a better back than Rutley but even he was averaging 4.6 to Rutley`s 4.2.

And it becomes a vicious circle. If the run game starts off poorly, Calvillo shies away from it. The question is if he continues with it will it improve over the course of a game?


90 Klassen, Michael DL N 6'5 275 25 Calgary - From Active to 6 Game
87 Ford, Jacoby WR I 5'9 190 29 Clemson - From Practice Squad to REM
59 Isles, Nate OL I 6'5 324 24 North Carolina A&T - From Practice Squad to ???
57 Jamieson, Sean OL N 6'7 317 22 Western Ontario - From Practice Squad to REM
67 Bamiro, Michael DT I 6'8 340 25 Stony Brook - To Practice Squad
98 Williams, Owen DT I 6'2 295 24 Tennessee - To Practice Squad

NAT A’dre FRASER (WR) Guelph - From Suspended to DEL
NAT George JOHNSON (WR) Western University - From Suspended to DEL
NAT Emmett TIMS (WR) Saskatchewan - From Suspended to DEL

Note that Bamiro is wrongly listed as a DT. He is a OL.

If you see your rookie OC lose the big picture, its his responsability to oversee this.

From what I can tell, Michael Bamiro is a Right Tackle. Guy is obviously huge, but I cannot speak to his talent level. Plus, the Als also seem committed to an All NI Offensive Line.

Owen Williams is known for his strength (42 reps @225lbs & 700lb squat) and was bypassed in this past draft. When Russ Lande was interviewed about Tennessee prospects a few months ago, Williams was among the group of players they asked about. Lande ignored his name completely.

Bamiro created some buzz when he somehow eluded the NFL draft, but not much since. A bit of time with the Eagles.

[url=] ... s-workout/[/url]

Our last International o-lineman was Michael Ola now with the Lions, and we`ve had some other good ones in the past, Fort, Okeke, Mark Dixon.

I dont think Popp has an aversion to playing one, its just a question of balancing the ratio. If you have an International receiver (Louks) playing the wide side of the field and you only throw to him once or twice a game, might as well play Charette there and plug in an International o-lineman.