MTL in OTT PBP Thread

Larks vs TWOCOLOURS about to kick off.
Its the battle of two backup-to-the-backup QBs.
It's monsoon season in Ottawa this weekend.
I'm resigned to watching another dismal football game.
I hope I'm poven wrong.
As for actual results, it would be best if MTL loses.


Ottawa is horrible, and Montreal isn't much better.
Interception by MTL, then they fumble it on the 1-yard-line. SMDH...

I haven't got my TV on yet, but I suspect it will stay that way. What about you, DCF?

And somehow I feel like Ottawa will beat us next week

And another turnover by RBs?

Take that to Vegas and get some good odds.
I would be shocked if Ticats did not beat up on Ottawa.

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I'm curious about how often penalties result in points scored?

This is painful.
Yet another questionable RTP call.

Looks like Shiltz is having a game...

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Shiltz is having a terrific game. He's doing so well that Vernon Adams Jr jumped up and announced that he's ready to go back in. Then nurse tackled him and put him back to bed. :grin:

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And Evans (the other one, not ours!) isn't...

Not sure if it's the rain or not, but OTT looks inept

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25-13. I guess all watch the second half after all. :smiley:

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They do look inept, but they're not entirely hopeless like they were under Nichols. This team can come back. I think. :smiley: :+1:

More RTP inconsistencies, now a phantom Unecessary Roughness penalty.

Guess you can’t tackle Milli Vanilli by the locks…


By rule you can but we all know they make up rules as they go along


I swear, Ja'Gared Davis should take videos of every RTP call this week to his appeal...

I'd like to see a tackler try to grab a ball carrier 'by the locks' and be foiled by a pair of scissors. :grin:


What an awful pass! He could have run it for a first down