MTL @ HML : Your thoughts

Weird game, eh?

First quarter is all Montreal.
Second quarter is all Hamilton.

What do you expect next?

EXCELLENT GAME , a real barn burner. Strange calls but no advantage for either side.

A.C. and the MON. O. line are on tonight. BUT , can MONTREAL hold the lead. :?

Rumour has it that if HAMILTON loses , Marshell is in trouble.

If you lose to the ARGOS you better win at your home opener.

WHAT A GAME :thup:

29,000+ people. :thup:

Yup. Nice crowd indeed.

I sure hope Montreal can hold on to the lead, but gotta close games are more entertaining. Happily, ribs and beer help exteriorate the stress.

What? No Wings? You can't watch football without wings. Although, the ribs are an acceptable substitute. :lol:


Throw to CAHOON win the game. :thup:


Not over yet :thup:

The officiating is horrible.

Gotta say there is a hell whole lot of well deserved penalties. Way too many. On both sides.

The ticats keep shooting themselves in the foot with these late hits when als drives look dead. Twice at hte very least called on roughing the passer and now a roughing the kicker penalty

HAMILTON , took their stupid pills in the second half. How many chances did MONTREAL give them to come back?

Bad play calls on first down , and too many , 2 and outs for HAMILTON.

Sorry the refs didn't lose this game , HAMILTON , did.

HOLMES , looked worse than Williams did against WINNIPEG.

They got the right call in the challenge [it did touch Holmes' foot]

Montreal are the EAST's best team , so far. They did get some more injuries , but the have beaten WINNIPEG and HAMILTON and are 2 and 0!

Montreal have a great O. LINE and the defence didn't blow the lead!

1st MONTREAL 4 points
2nd Winnipeg 2
3rd Toronto 2
4th Hamilton 0 : SO FAR!



lol 0-2 for hamilton!!!! go bombers go

a good game :stuck_out_tongue: the better team won :cowboy:

i was at this question tho...

WHY is boreham still playing in the CFL?...this guy missed 3 field goals - 9 points ( maybe more, after i left early )

he missed from 35, 40 and 45....last week, in toronto he missed from 25....this guy sucks!

Why wasn't the game a sellout DG. A shade under 28,000?

My thoughts on the game:

  • Calvillo always has slow season's starts. It gets him about three games to get going. I'd say he found his rythm tonight. Hopefully, he builds on that to reach higher miles, cause he's curently heading for a 4600 yards season. Not enough.

  • Jaimie Boreham stinks. I mean. Come on. The Cats should give Pat Flemming the kicking duties. What do they have to lose?

  • Anybody else thinks Julian Radlein looks like an old Russian Babouchka with his scarf and hairy face?

  • Tonight was the first night ever I noticed O'Neil Wilson for positive reasons.

  • The Cats gamebook was horrid. Hitch pass to the halfback. Hitch pass to the halfback. Hitch pass to the halfback. People praise Jass Maas, but he lets his guys get all the yardage after he drops them the ball on the side.

  • Josh Ranek was such a non factor I was under the impression I was watching Ricky Williams going !

  • Chip Cox ! Chip Cox ! Chip Cox, baby ! Remember that name, because you'll hear it again the day they name the rookie of the year!

Hitch is Paopao's middle name.

You'd think by now he, and every other OC/HC would have purged that useless play from their playbooks. But hope springs eternal for Joe.

BTW: Talk about Marshall is overblown media crapola. It's only the second bloody game of the year. Next four games, they play Cgy twice and Als twice. Let's see where they stand then before jumping to conclusions or off the Mountain.

i said the same thing last week after the argo game…hamilton trys that shovel pass to holmes way too much… it worked against the argos for the 1st quarter, but after it stopped working, they were too stupid to move away from it…AND now they do it again against montreal.

there was 27, 911 for tonites game.

That goes w/o saying.

Signed: Als fan.

This is funny coming from an Argo fan. :roll:

i fail to find the humor.