MTL has Henoc Muamba on tradeblock

Hearing the #Als are shopping non-import MLB @HenocMuamba. Edm would seem to be most-likely destination.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 5m5 minutes ago
The addition of non-import DT Vaughn Martin potentially makes @HenocMuamba expendable in a trade.

get em Kent.. he's a good one but wasn't he injured last year?
Henoc "Havoc" Muamba

His stats since returning to the CFL: Played 4 games. Made 1 tackle.
The Cats were reported as being one of a few teams interested in signing him back in September when he was released by the Colts.

To ottawacat:

In 4 games played with the Alouettes in 2015, Henoc Muamba had 14 tackles-projection of 63 in 18 games- and 1 interception.


Thanks for the correction, Richard. In my mind, I'm sure I saw, online, what I reported earlier today. When I look, now, where I think I looked earlier, I see the stats you're quoting. I'll see if I can get an appointment with somebody who can help me. :oops:

Wait until he is released, nobody in their right mind will trade for him when he will eventually be released. Make an offer and see what happens.

CFL News ?@CFL_News 6h6 hours ago
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#AlsMTL owe a bonus to Henoc Muamba on February 16th. A transaction or releasing him before this date are possibilities. #CFL

My understanding is the Bonus is $60K,

Can't see too many teams wanting to take on the contract price when they are busy signing free agents and may have limited $$ left even for a national starter. Doesn't seem to be very good planning by Popp to have offered him such a big contract. Appears that he has close to one-fifth of his cap tied up at the moment in only four players (Carter, Green, Muamba and the recently signed Martin).

we sure could use a MLB..

Simoni Havoc and Alex sounds pretty incredible


like I said we sure could use a MLB :wink:

:thup: :thup: .....Who has been developed by the team, has paid his dues, deserves a chance to earn the spot and is probably WAY cheaper.