MTL @ HAM, refs advance ball!!!

[i]MtnCat called Johnny out for not posting this here in the Ticats forum. Since MtnCat INVITED Johnny to post this here, Johnny graciously accepts the invitation.

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WELL well well!

Where are them kitty cat fans who were complaining the refs gave the game to the Als? Yes, the famous screen grab of Cox supposedly within 5 yards of Banks when Banks fumbled the kick. That is why the kitty cats lost. Bad refs, cats came out flat.Yada yada yada.

Well, it seems the refs did everything they could to help the cats win. According to Jim Popp, GM extraordinaire and current HC (the first HC to beat the Ticats at Timbits field in history), the refs helped the kitty cats get their field goal at the end of the first half.

Yup. When Hebert got his 15 yard penalty, the refs advanced the ball 18 yards; giving Medlock a 49 yard field goal, rather than a 52 yarder.
HERE IT IS! The Als won despite the refs moving the ball in Hamilton's favour.

Were the refs just incompetent, or did they still have a sugar high from the free box of Timbits they were given before the game?!

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Where are them WHINY CATS NOW? :cowboy:

Start listening at about 27:50 ... t-1.353998


I suppose the upside to still living in your parents' basement is that you get all your laundry done for you.

It could make one's romantic life a bit more challenging, but somehow I don't see that being a consideration for you.

From the game log on CFL Live:

73 - 1/10-M51 (00:07) Z. COLLAROS Team Loss (6 yds), K. ELSWORTH Sack (6 yds) , Tackle: K. ELSWORTH PENALTY MONTREAL: K. HEBERT UR - General (15 yds) Penalty assessed after the play was finished.

74 - 1/10-M42 (00:02) J. MEDLOCK Field Goal M49 (49 yds) - Field Goal SCORING DRIVE: 5 Plays, 30Yards in 0:24

Which part of this is incorrect? Or did Popp think the sack was bigger than it was?


Come on, you got to laugh at this :lol: :wink:

Lol cuz Medlock couldnt ever make a 52 yard field goal :roll:

He has the leg for 70 yarders :wink:

MtnCat is a genius maybe even a super genius. Trick Johnny on the spot into posting on our forum to get him band.

Surely, Johnny had to know MTNCat isnt above the rules of the MB..

Caretaker do you thing, ban this fool.

I rewatched it last night. Collaros was sacked at his own 51, but the ref spotted it at the 53 before marching off the penalty 15 yards to the Mtl 42. (the 6 yds in play 73 above should have been 8 yds)

You want a team owner to ban MtnCat ? :lol:

Yeah, really, this is all in good fun. :lol:

Rules are rules. BAN HIM!

I don’t think you should be making assumptions, I’ll agree that he does seem to be immature to be posting things like this, which could mean he’s a young adult living in his parents basement, but we don’t know that.

It's ok Johnny, we'll just beat you in the playoffs again :smiley: (When it counts!!) :cowboy:

Not much chance of playing Montreal in the playoffs, they can't beat Ottawa and there is a good chance that Ottawa and Montreal will meet in the semi.

So what happened to TOR? :wink:

They got the crossover to the West

I think it much more likely that the All Wets are the crossover team. :wink:

Mid-way through the season, four points separate all four teams. Always fun to see fans jump to conclusion. This is the CFL, the season the real season is about to start.

I agree and since there are no bad teams in the East, a good team could miss the playoffs, which is rare in the CFL. If there is a crossover it would likely be an East team, but since there are 5 teams in the west and 4 in the east, crossing over is not as easy.