MTL - Halmiton Very revealing game

I expect this game tonight to reveal a lot about the prospects of our team this year.

I consider this a "bellwether" game.

Let's hope we pass the "test."

I would hope a 42-8 win is convincing enough. Coburne had arguably his best game as an alouette. Our offence put up 5 touchdowns. The defence had 6 sacks, an interception and a forced fumble while limiting hamilton to 13 completed passes and one scoring drive over the course of the entire game.

This is arguably the most dominating performance the als put in this year with the possible exception of the shutout game except this was done against a playoff calibre team

The 50-16 thrashing of the esks in Week 2 was pretty dominating

I disagree. That game was close until the third quarter. Tonight, we owned the Cats from whistle to whistle.

This was the most dominant all-around performance we've had this season. Even the Argo shutout wasn't as impressive because 1. the Argos are terrible and 2. the game was still within their reach in the first half.

What can you say about tonight, except WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG FOR US TO START RUNNING THE FOOTBALL MORE? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin:

People who say Cobourne can't carry a heavy workload need to watch film of this game.

That's true but in the Edm game, The Als scored TDs on Offence defence and special teams,

Don't get me wrong, this was a dominating performance, but it was not the only one

For the 1st time this year I can say that we have a legitimate shot at winning the Grey Cup. And I say this, not because of our offense (which was very good tonight) but because of our consistently dominating defense.

Shocking how dominating the Oline was with 2 backups.... And I was looking at big Andrew Woodruff walking the sideline backup of the backup 8) Insane depth on that team at MOST poslitions.

Yup, they should keep the tape of that game and replicate that every game :smiley: . Great game for Cobourne and also for the O line who did a terrific job tonight. If we can keep alterning running and passing, along with our kick a$$ defense we might not finish this season on another disappointment. Hey realy, any negative comment on this game would be an unnecessary wear of the keyboard.

I can smell the cup now
GO ALS GO. :rockin:

One thing (among many, LOL) that I LOVED about tonight's game, though it's small:

A few times, Calvillo actually bootlegged after handing the ball to Cobourne. :thup: :thup:

Much better for the running game. On the bootleg, Calvillo gets his back to the LOS, thereby keeping the D-line uncertain about who's got the ball a split-second longer, and since Calvillo has shown more mobility and scrambling ability this season than I think we've ever seen, why not roll him out a few times with Bratton leaked out of the backfield and Carter as the checkdown? They ran that play a few times tonight effectively, and more importantly, it really opened things up for Cobourne when he did get the rock.

Yes, we now know that Calvillo can help the team by running. If he continue to add this dimension to futher games this indeed will create positives for his team mates. In 2002 in the Grey Cup game Calvillo had a critical 10 yard run in the team's win.

Which is even more amazing when you consider that he had one of his legs frozen up during that game and could barely move outside the pocket.

I thought Calvillo had one of his best games of the season in terms of coolly making his reads and checking down. One play in particular stood out: he wanted to go to Watkins on a quick out to the right, saw that it was covered, switched to the middle of the field, saw nothing, then finally hit Cobourne with a swing pass to the left. Cobourne fought his way to a first down. That entire process of decision-making lasted maybe three seconds. Excellent reading of the field and making the smart checkdown play when his primary target was taken away.