MTL Gazette - Ellis has it out for ex-mates

phew good thing you weren't talking about Kai Ellis. His sole purpose was to get some blood boiling, not to injure as evidenced by the fact that all-around good guy Calvillo is still playing.

Perhaps some of you think the CFL should adopt the soccer carding system?

Your Bombers homerism amuses me. We can talk all day about the cheap shots we feel our team's players have taken. It changes nothing and has no connection to the Ellis comment.

I find it completely tasteless that Ellis would talk about putting active Als players out of action based on the actions of Montreal's GM. It makes zero sense. If my manager fires me, do I go back to the office and attack my former co-workers with a baseball bat? They had nothing to do with my manager being an a-hole.

Ultimately, Ellis was a backup in Montreal getting paid like a starter, a backup who could rarely stay healthy, to boot. People talk about whining, let's start with Ellis. Man up and move on. You found a new home very quickly, so stop bitching about the past.

I'm actually glad Ellis didn't follow through with his hollow threats, just like the Bombers didn't try to extract revenge on the Esks for the Barrenchea hit on Glenn. Obviously, this was just a "mind game" tactic by Ellis, who's issues are with Popp and not his former teammates. But what would you expect from a guy who throws-up on himself during the game, to try to get an edge on his opponent ? He clearly will try anything to gain an advantage. I already stated Popp was just doing his job, but do any of us really know how Ellis was treated or what may have been promised to him by Popp ? Maybe Popp screwed him somehow, he wouldn't be the first one, would he.