MTL Gazette - Ellis has it out for ex-mates

Ellis has it out for ex-mates

1 long-time Als fan sitting near me told me about this article when I got to my seats at yesterday's game....

Here's my favorite quote:

"Football is physical," he said. "That doesn't mean I'll go out and purposely twist someone's mask or cheap-shot them. But if I get a chance to get a good shot in, I will.
From the article, it looks like it's the toned down version of what he previously said in the Winnipeg Sun.

If those are his comments, he [u]must[/u] be fined by the league !

We all know this kind of stuff is happening on the field, but to say it publicly in the media is another thing !

Even if the table was turned around and it was an Als players saying that to the media, I would be the 1st one to ask for the league to take action !

TSN reported on it before the game.....They quoted him as saying

If he gets a chance to knock any of the Als starters out of the game he will take it.

He wishes Popp was playing so he could put him in a coma!

I will post the video later today...

I agree, he needs to be fined..Those are threats!

Agreed those are threats and the league needs to step up and do something about it.But I have a feeling they won't do anything at all it just shows how inconsitent not only the on feild officating is but how inconsistant the league is when it comes to rules inforcement.The higher ups in the league need to open there eyes sadly they won't do anything unless the person who makes the threats goes out and actually acts on them.Quite stupid really.

If this guy is making these kind of comments, I'd probably suspend him for the final game. Considering the severity of his comments (talking about wanting to put a person in a coma), I seriously doubt a $1,000 fine is really going to change this guy's attitude.

I think he should be suspended also but If guys don't get suspended for physical actions they won't suspend them for talk either.

On second thought... For some reason I thought Winnipeg played Montreal next weekend; that's why I suggested suspending him. But they play the Ti-Cats, so I suppose him being suspended isn't as urgent.

But I still wouldn't mind a suspension as I think a $1,000 fine is a joke in this instance.

Ok first thing first:

Who DOESN'T want to put Jim Popp into a coma?


Football is a physical game, and if he has a chance to take shots fine. I don't think he would intentionally or illegally hurt his odl team mates but if he has a chance to hit hard, he's gonna take it.

Fact is the games over, nothing happened. He had the chance to REALLY put the hurt on Calvillo on play, but properly restrained himself. It's a non-issue.

I don't feel that it is a non-issue.
A threat is a threat regardless as to whether or not it is carried out....

As per TSN he said!

If there are active players and I get a chance to make sure they are not active for the eastern final....I will take that shot
That is a threat to injure and it should be deal with.

That's what you say, but this is what I hear:

real mature!

I edited in what TSN quoted him as saying....

Looks like we have a late entry for the most unpopular player for 2008...

this is what's going to continue until the league grows some kahoonase.

Unfortunately... It's a good thing this league has a good product on the field...

Ellis crossed the line IMO. It's one thing to want to put Jim Popp in a coma -- it's such a cartoonish threat you can't take it seriously, if only because Jim Popp doesn't have to line up against Kai Ellis on a football field. It's another thing to declare your intention to injure former teammates WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR CONTRACT DISPUTE WITH POPP. Kai Ellis, you are officially a classless s.o.b.

I agree that the Popp comment is bad, Jim's just doing his job, it's a business.

But, what's so bad about saying your going to try hard to hurt the opposition ? He didn't say he was going to play dirty ? He said if he has a chance to put somebody out, he's going to take it.

Ask Davis Sanchez how many shots at Stegalls knees he has taken, unnecessarily over the years ? Or how Ed Phillions late hits on Khari Jones, essentially cut his career short. And that suplex move by Diamond Ferri on Charles Roberts last year was text book, to bad he had the wrong sport.

Pot meet kettle.

Perhaps he saw the poll on and wanted to beat Rob Murphy as the leagues dirtiest player. :roll: :roll: :roll:

I honestly couldn't even come up with a close second in that category. :wink:

.....C'MON ....mon amis'........the bafflegab Ellis was throwing around really showed when Calvillo was at his mercy late in the game... he could have laid some heavy punishment on A.C.....what did he do?...///PRACTICALLY HELD HIM UP SO HE DIDN'T HIT THE TURF TOO HARD.... now if that were that cat ,Barranchea....yeah i'd be more than a little concerned...Why do people get all excited about players comments before a game....It's definitely designed to get the opposition a little worried and worked up....... just ask Westwood....and judging by the out-come of the last Bomber game.. , it worked...This is a violent game, and some comments get over-the-top. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.. :wink: and IF we're talking about actual dirt plays in that game.. How about Ferri trying to drag Edwards around on the ground for five yds., ripping at his head.......why that one wasn't flagged???? ...i don't know...Big Domic Picard had to take an even-up penalty on that play....i think Mr. Ferri will think twice about taking those kind of liberties in the future...

boohoo....some body had the nerve to stand up and say football is a physical game. If you hit someone hard enough and fair, you could knock him out of the game and that is what you intend to do. Sorry....whiners go home....try reading the article, he talked about not taking cheap shots....if you can't take the heat of the game get off the field. There was nothing wrong with his comments

I don't agree at all.Any player who's sole purpose when they play is to go out an and injure other players has no place in any sport or any league.Cheap shot or clean spot regardless you cause an injury to another player because thats all you care about doing then that player is a world class prick and has business playing in the first place.