MTL fires HC Chapdelaine and DC Thorpe

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BREAKING: Sources tell me The Montreal Alouettes have fired Coaches Jacques Chapdelaine and Noel Thorpe #TSN690

Since Trestman left at end of 2012, this will be #Als sixth coaching change in five years… Hawkins, Popp, Higgins, Popp, Chapdelaine

  1. Wow, that is breaking news indeed !!

I wonder how much longer that the joker GM, Kavis Reed will last ?? ::slight_smile:

Possibly till the end of the season, and then bye bye for him also. :wink:

Major house cleaning coming in Montreal for sure !!

Who takes over...Reed?

Probably, if the decision is his.
But, if Andrew Wetenhall calls it, Calvillo wouldn't be a surprise, to me.

And if it is Calvillo will we have another chorus of "should have never let him go"? ;D

IMO, Calvillo is still a couple of years of coaching experience away from a head coach position. I guess tbis would be one way to get it in a cram course.

TSN has now reported that Reed will be interim HC for the remainder of the season and Calvillo will now call the offensive plays.

Could be a good thing for us, but I think Reed was HC in Edmonton? Has some experience, and maybe there were difficulties from a Chapdelaine-Durant conflict.

I can see AC going with a short, quick passing game with a grinding run component.

In related news ...CFL commissioner has asked fans not to post anything about Darain Durant getting yet another coach fired. Not true so stop it.

A few more details, including confirmation of the story, from the Gazette's football reporter:

A thought that Reed might brink in Stubler to run the D:

I think we should consider bringing in Thorpe as our DC .....he has run incredible defences for years and knows the cfl game well....our current guy could go back to linebacker coach

  1. Why change now, Lolley seems to be doing a good job so far as our DC !!

The players certainly seem to like him a lot.

Changing now would just throw things into turmoil again. ::slight_smile:

Montreal has had a good D though. Their offence under Durant has stunk, but their D has been pretty good for a while. I think Dominique is probably still mad about being cut.

Thorpe was a surprise. Having watched Montreal defenses for the last several years I wouldn't mind having him as our DC.

I just remembered, Chapdelaine's son is the AL's Receivers Coach. :o
Talk about awkward!


All I remember is when Reed was our Special Teams coach that he always had that sulky look on his face with his head down shaking it side to side in a negative way- don't get a good vibe from him. Lots to pout about this year.

A would you rather quiz:
Would you rather stick with a coach who has turned the teams D around, has the D flying and is familiar with the personnel for the home stretch.
Would you rather bring in a complete stranger with no knowledge of team personnel who was fired after his D gave up 40 points in 4 consecutive games, demote a coach who has truly done wonders for your teams defense both in attitude and performance, and take on another coaching salary?

Let's watch out for these guys next time we play them. Coaching change always puts a fire under players butts and for some unexplained reason, players do perform better......for a while.