MTL fires HC Chapdelaine and DC Thorpe
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BREAKING: Sources tell me The Montreal Alouettes have fired Coaches Jacques Chapdelaine and Noel Thorpe #TSN690

Since Trestman left at end of 2012, this will be #Als sixth coaching change in five years… Hawkins, Popp, Higgins, Popp, Chapdelaine #CFL

Yowza. there.
Guess Kavis takes over and finds Stubler as DC now.

Who would ever take over that job there?
Kavis Reed is a slippery fella. Good talker...preacher even.

Sounds like a mutiny.

This team is on a precarious slope. American owner. Losing money. No ownership in identity. Folded twice before. Dropping attendance in a hockey only Montreal market..behind soccer now. Makes Argos look stable.

Could be back to 8 teams sooner rather than not

Gong show indeed and this is a by-product of ownership getting too involved in the football ops IMO....the Buffalo Bills of the CFL

So yes, it will be tough to find some stability until the Wettenal family takes a step back here.

No chance they'll fold.There's been localinterest in buying the team but they're not for sale...that's part of the problem.

Oh there known local interest in buying? Who is that?

Almost as if it were expected . . . .

JackLalane as HC wasn't working out - he was in well over his head!

Noel was just seen as the last remnant of the old guard so K-Viscera wanted to clean him out, too!

Now the Laughing Hyena of pro football - Mr. Consequences is in the hot seat.

If K-Vis loses the room I suspect Wettenhall and his dad (team funder) will just abandon shop when the season ends - no matter what form of guarantees or collateral they've put up.

Nobody in Montreal prepared to step up and lose a million or two a season - and I'm sure the city/province won't let any quasi-criminal organizations have their shot at ownership.

If Wettenhalls slip away in the darkness of night - who writes the cheques.

Failing to find a proper owner - I suspect its the league. . . . . which means every team loses a substantial portion of their TSN/Bell cut.

When you have an ill-health elderly rich uncle owner - plus K-Vis and Joe Mack working in senior management - THATS A MAJOR PROBLEM!

Guys like Reed, Mack, etc. should be inducted into the CFL hall of banned mopes - ie. Rainman Huard, Lyle Bauer, Mike Kelly, Reinbold, Garthy Buchko, Ed the Sock, few more.

Richard Speer of Attraction Media was reportedly showing interested around this time last year.

Wasn't anything serious because the team is not for sale but if ownership throws the keys on the table, they'll be someone to buy them. Local is would be better

Yup local would be better for sure.

And the revolving door continues.
Next up, Reed .

Wow, didn't realize things were that "all over the place" there in Montreal. I don't know what their deal is with McGill but while the stadium isn't exactly a state-of-the-art looking stadium, what a fantastic location the stadium is in and the fans seem to be pretty close to the field.

Time for local ownership for sure, I would agree.

Anyway Montreal just can't get it through their dysfunctional heads that there is a reason to:
Owners/ President Hires A GM
Gm hires his HC
HC hires his Coordinators and Assistants with input from Coordinators.

New blood from up top would be a good thing. New ideas, marketing, get back to the business community as once was when the team was at the top.

Since Larry Smith departure, the organization seems to have taken the downward trip.
I believe McGill university is the primary tenant with the Als getting second dibs. I could be wrong here.
The stadium went through two separate renovations, the most recent being the addition of the second tier on the south side bringing the capacity from just under 20k to just over 25k.
About two seasons ago, they eliminated the bleacher seats in the west end zone, which brought the capacity down to 24k and change.

Great stadium to watch a game with the view of the city on the south side and the mountain on the north.

......Noel Thorpe on the loose...someone will pick him up....Jacques ....not so much....Kavis're on the hotseat...Can someone say...Mr. Hervey :wink:

If I had any say in the matter, I'd throw Johnny's name into the mix.

Just think of how fun and confusing the interviews and press conferences would be from Johnny 3rd-Person.

And the graphics used in team meeting's would be memorable. ;D

...and all his press releases would be in italics...

Does this mean Jim Popp is going back to the sidelines again? ;D ;D

Seriously though, th Als are a dumpster fire right now.

Lordy Lyle Bauer might actually be an improvement on this crap show!

How ready is Calvillo to step into a HC position? Too soon? It would certainly be a good PR move if he is ready.

Maybe he could hire Johnny as a publicist.

For all that they are a gong show they are the only team in the east to recognize that 2 points out of a playoff spot and 3 points out of first is not a good thing when your record is 3-8. What does it say about Ottawa or Hamilton. Argos get a pass for now as this is season one with the new staff.

And we had to start a thread to discuss why the west is better than the east?

You think they're folding? Montreal fans are with you win or tie.....Once they turn it around they'll be back. Nobody is folding....sheesh!