MTL fires Coach Tom Higgins

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#Alouettes have fired Head Coach Tom Higgins. He will be replaced by GM @PoppJim #Ticats

#CFL BREAKING NEWS: Tom Higgins has been relieved of his coaching duties. @PoppJim to assume HC responsibilities.

Interesting. I guessing beating BC by 10 wasn't good enough.



If you think the decision was made after the BC win, I'll have to disagree. As I said in other threads, I think Higgins's fate was sealed weeks ago and they were waiting until after this game, which has been an annual loss for 15 years, to make the change. The win was gravy but wasn't going to change the decision to can Higgins...

MON hasn't won in BC for 15 years & the HC gets canned.
What is Poppy gonna do when they lose Thursday?
Give himself a raise?

They shoulda fired Popp. Sorry to say, but it has been his, and ONLY his, fault that the team hasn't found a reliable replacement QB post-Calvillo (Cato, being a 6-game-rookie is NOT the team saviour), has brought in numerous NFL cast-offs and treated them like high-priced royalty (Michael Sam and Chad Johnson most recently) and then complained bitterly to the media about the negotiation list, etc.

I sincerely think that he's done the Als a horrible disservice these past few years.

You don't follow the team, so I won't get into it with you. Suffice it to say, you are wrong on many counts.

From an outsider's point-of-view, it looks bad. You can't deny that the Sam mismanagement was horrible. I'll admit that I may be wrong a -bit- on the QB issue, you had a pretty darn good prospect in Lefevour before his injury, but the fact remains that the past 3 years have been dismal.

I genuinely would like to learn what he's done to better the club, because I can certainly point out many, many mistakes and questionable decisions that he's made along the way.

For what it's worth DCF I agree with you. As an outsider it looks like he's been doing what he can to further his own goals which look to me like a move to the NFL as GM. Thus the signing of the "big" NFL names as you mentioned.

Do NOT like the timing of this as it is a CFL game night and the announcement was made late in the day. Waiting until Monday or Sunday night and the end of the game week would not have been timely enough, but either making the announcement earlier in the day (not likely as the team was travelling back from BC) or early enough Saturday so as not to take too much attention away from tomorrow's game I think would have been more considerate.

Wow! I expected maybe BC or Sask to pull the plug first, not Mtl.

Time to snack of some Popp and fresh smoked Montreal Bird meat next week in Hamilton when retire Angelo Mosca's #68 and and Hammer the Al's at home at Tim Horton's Field.

Who cares who is coaching the Al's we will Smoke your team anyway!!!


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According to the interview with Popp last night it was all the owners decision. Sometimes they do these things to put the team in the news get attention and sell tickets. The Sam publicity stunt was no doubt the owners decision too.
Their attendance has been declining this year and this is a desperate attempt to sell tickets.

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"Anthony Calvillo deviendra l'entraîneur des quarts / will be the new QB coach." - Jim Popp #AlsMTL

For some reason, Calvillo was the receivers coach, go figure, :roll:

You have to wonder why Higgins didn't have Calvillo as the QB coach especially with a rookie QB starting for their starter?

I wonder if he'll continue to be the receivers coach? Not unusual to have one guy do two jobs, but that might be too much to ask from a guy whose cleats have barely cooled.

When AC was appointed receivers coach they had Crompton starting not Cato and had NO idea that he would be tossed into the fire. I see nothing wrong with AC being asked to coach receivers. Who better than a QB to give receivers advice on what a QB will be expecting from them and how they can help out the pivot? Even he felt it was good for his evelopment as a coach. With the necessity of using Cato as QB this should be a good move, although I doubt there was much stopping AC from mentoring him. Can't help but wonder with the quick announcement of this switch for Calvillo if this wasn't a point of disagreement between Higgins and Popp.