What a great last 'minute'. If you missed it live you might want to watch it on TSN's web-site. Two clear off-sides and then a 'no-end' call to end the game!

To skip to the last few plays, click here and once the fourth quarter starts, slide forward to about 41:30. Remember that BC is down by 5 points with 12 seconds to go.

Here is the TSN video summaryof the last 3 seconds

Here is the TSN video the whole game, starting just before kickoff.

BC tried to hand them the game (6 turnovers in all!) and then tried to take it away in the last minute. Neat to see the East over the West again. David Braley is on the sidelines with the coaches, itching to help out. How often do you see owners at field level in the NFL?

See you at the game Monday night, or if you can't make it, my condolences.

Oskee wee wee

Actually it was six turnovers. Fantastic tough played game. Huge boost for the Montreal locker room. Devastating loss for the Lions…