Anyone going to be watching this game tonight?

I know I will be

Wow, is BC ever looking horrid so far!

Big play by Emry for the Als by causing the fumble by Smart on the kick. The Als have been quick starters this year, so the Lions had better get rolling!

Really don't care about this game

Winnipeg Saskatchewan and Hamilton Toronto are the big ones for me this Week

A Ticat Win and Winnipeg loss give us 2nd place alone.

I guess someone forgot to tell BC they were playing on Friday Night

In terms of importance I agree, this is just a primer for OUR games for me is all

BC starting to look better. I wish the Cats had their Canadian talent.

Bc has

with 5 turnovers, MTL has 20 points off them

What was the first down line doing there? It was like
it was running away from Logan,

TD Lions... yessssss!!!!

Did anyone just see the virtual first down line moving away from Logan all the way down the field? That was hilarious! The game's fixed!

Ok, I guess Juergen saw it.

LOL.. it was like they didn't want BC to get the 1st down.. we're not moving the sticks until you cross that yellow

Wow, I thought BC would punch it in.

What a Game..


i was laughing at montreal thinking B.C would score on that last attempt. and then flags came up AGAIN. but it was illegal procedure on B.C

how the hell did the lions get stuffed 3 straight times with the game on the line?

that was sad. why arent they just qb sneaking it?

I was expecting a fake/play action on the 3rd attempt… Buono looked a little frustrated…

Reason the lost the game was 5 Turnovers.

no it was because they couldnt get in from the 1 yard the. the 5 turnovers didnt help but if they could just get that one yard they win.

No! The 3 plays st the 1 plus the 5 turnovers plus…bla…bla…bla…

It was a great game B.C. lost.