MTL @ BC Sept. 9

Practice off to a great start. :oops:

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 53s53 seconds ago
Rakeem Cato is in the end zone and isn't practicing. Vernon Adsms is now working with the #Als' starting offence. Quiet time for Cato.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 8m8 minutes ago
Rakeem Cato just lost his cool with Duron Carter. Had to be separated by Kevin Glenn and Anthony Calvillo.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 2m2 minutes ago
Cato's back on the field with the starters.

Lions don`t stand a chance!

Not staying up for that one!

Still getting over the Irish heartbreaking loss to Texas last night.

Who do we want?


How many touches?

15-20! 15-20! On the ground! On the ground!

Gimme an R! Gimme a U! Gimme an N!

What does it spell?


Reported on RDS and TVA too. Dying to know what the issue was, but love that the kid was willing to stand up to the team's "meal ticket".

RDS also reports Louks released.

My money would be all over Cato destroying Carter if it wasn't broken up. :smiley:

Als have to play a mistake free game. They basically lead the league in penalties and that has to stop somehow, some way.

Lions are hard to run against, well in top 3 in that category. I read somewhere here that Sutton is averaging 7 yard per carry. It's actually only 4.9. But he needs his touches.

Where the Lions do give up some damage is the long ball.

Probably the biggest issue for Als is stepping up and stopping the best rushing team in the league by far. The league average is around 77. Lions average 97.

According to Didier Orméjuste,

Rakeem Cato told Anthony Calvillo: "I'm tired of all this talking. You guys always let it slide."

I'm guessing if Cato felt this way and took that action on his first day as the starter MANY others feel this way as well. Could be pretty gavinizing or....

Cato is pretty bold guy.

Kind of feeds my long held bias that Popp and coaches are afraid of upsetting the punk Carter.

Lol things just keep getting funnier and funnier. I think these guys have lowered themselves to rec league 150$ a season standards. What a joke.

From Herb Zurkowsky:

During the Labour Day workout at Stade Hébert, Cato lost his cool with receiver Duron Carter while the offence was on the sideline and Carter was seated on a bench. While the two never came close to fisticuffs, both offensive co-ordinator Anthony Calvillo and Kevin Glenn — the man Cato will replace at quarterback Friday at British Columbia — did their best to calm him down.

Cato then walked towards the north-side end zone for several minutes while practice continued. When offensive drills were run, rookie Vernon Adams practiced with the starters. Cato eventually made his way back, initially escorted by special teams co-ordinator Kavis Reed. Glenn consoled him, again, before offensive-tackle Jeff Perrett put his arms around him.

“This isn’t just about (Carter). It’s about this organization, going out and having pride, playing for the next man, for the bird on the side of the helmet,? Cato said. “He’s going to act how he acts. When it gets like that, I’m not going to hush my mouth. I’m going to let it be known. Today, I didn’t hush my mouth.?

“There’s a lot of pressure on him, getting thrown into this situation. He doesn’t know who’s against him or with him,? Carter claimed. “He’s always heated. That’s the energy he plays with. He’s ready for his opportunity. I’m always going to rock with him. I’m going to catch a touchdown for him on Friday.?

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I like both quotes. Cato sounds like a QB and Carter sounds more mature than I expected.

Carter is just a free spirit. He's not malicious, that's what I've noticed. He just marches to his own beat with a smile. That will rub some the wrong way but he is who he is. Cato is a very intense young man, opposite personality in some ways but also a guy who's had zero advantage in his life. He comes from a rough background, Carter is the son of an NFL star. So they're obviously going to rub each other the wrong way.

[i]The balls on Cato! :thup:

It's time someone got angry and took charge. Bravo. :thup: [/i]

Herb Zurkowsky
Nik Lewis left practice early due to illness. Marc-Olivier Brouillette was absent for the same reason. #Als

Johnny's sources say they are sick of losing! :smiley:

Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 44m44 minutes ago
1 change on the offensive line for the #Alouettes. Jake Piotrowski moves to RG, Philippe Gagnon now on the bench (still early in practice)

Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 4m4 minutes ago
Anthony Calvillo very fiery during walkthrough. Let the offensive players hear it #Alouettes

Should have happened a lot earlier in the season. Gagnon is a raw rookie straight out of college and has a lot to learn. Piotrowski is a seasoned backup and might be ready to take the next step.

Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 10m10 minutes ago
International Michael Bamiro is taking reps at left tackle for #Alouettes

Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 6m6 minutes ago
Ruby and Bamiro splitting reps

Even Vercheval seems to have lost patience with Ruby, saying he is constantly being beaten on inside moves.

And for those of you (O.K. me :smiley: ) lamenting the loss of Bourke, he had a rough game yesterday against the Tiger Cats.

All good but the best way to help that O-line out is to run the damn ball.

Joey Alfieri said Philippe Gagnon was not feeling well. That is why Jake Piotrowski was in there. Piotrowski replaced Philip Blake for a single practice earlier this season, but nothing came of that either.

I have no idea if the same applies to Michael Bamiro taking reps at left tackle. Jim Popp did however say yesterday that he wants to create competition on the offensive line. As Bamiro is an import, playing him would create an ratio issue.

Luc Brodeur-Jourdain was on Als this Week yesterday. He was talking as though he wants to play, but it is a coaches' decision. Brodeur-Jourdain said the OL is not plug & play meaning the Als do not want to play musical chairs there. Today though, we see the Als are at least thinking about chances but that does not include LBJ. The Als next opponent by the way are also considering OL movement.

According to Transactions, Hugo Lopez has been released. Mikhail Davidson left yesterday. That means at 1 non-import needs to be added to the practice roster + 1 non-import needs to be added to the active roster.

With Corbin Louks no longer on the team, the Als seem likely to put Cody Hoffman there. Since the Als need help up front, maybe they should consider putting in an import lineman/tight end instead of another receiver. :wink: