MTL at SSK PBP Thread

Is it sacrilige to want SSK to win so we won't be the only team on the bottom?


Not at all. Root for your team first!

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You're getting your wish... Riders dominating Alouettes.

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I thought this was a Ticat forum?

Reading a report, headlined "Riders use adjustments to beat Alouettes 41-20" and trying to think of the last time a description like that might have been used to describe a TiCat victory.

nope.... but one does have to live with,We all hate Cowtown but occasionally we hope they win when it will help the team we cheer for too...

As a SK and TiCat fan I will say happy we could help keep you off the rock bottom!

Anybody else wondering why Clark wasn't penalized for the obvious head shot on Antwi? Shoulder to the helmet, driving his head sideways, no question. And it looked like he was evaluated for concussion, and pulled from the game.

All turnovers are supposed to be reviewed. And one of the things they are supposed to look for is whether a fumble is caused by an uncalled unnecessary roughness penalty. Not sure how they missed this one.

It was missed because it was only seen by your imagination?

How many footballs have you seen suddenly alter direction in mid-air and bounce into the field of play?

He's replying to my comment about the Antwi injury play.

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Truthfully ... Refs miss plays all the time ... It is the bame of every fan.

True, and I've always suspected that this is the technology actually installed in the Command Centre.

But this hit seemed really obvious to me, and I was very surprised it was not called in after video review, especially given how long Antwi was down.

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Is TSN not posting the games on their website anymore? I can't find them this year.

He lead with his shoulder should be the answer you need. If a player leads with his head that is a different story but if a player initiates contact with his shoulder into an oncoming player that is a legal hit.

IMHO, a shot to the head is a shot to the head...

I just rechecked the rules, and you are correct. A blow to the head is allowed, except against "the passer".

Follow-up question. Is the quarterback considered to be "the passer" if he is running with the ball and has crossed the line of scrimmage? Note that the rules around Roughing the Passer start by describing the vulnerability of a player in the act of passing, and contain specific rules that refer to "the quarterback".

Nope. At least, he shouldn't be.

Then please explain the penalty and suspension on the Lawrence hit on Fajardo. He led with his back, not his head.

He wasn't suspended, just fined.
Remember, by default, Simoni is always the villain...