MTL at blew team PBP thread

Blew team featuring Roid-Boy on their opening drive, which ended up with an IN in the end zone.

Blew D certainly shut down Adams Jr and Co quickly.

Pick is ruled incomplete so the boatmen end up with 3

Harris is torching the larks D while Antwi could barely gain any ground for the larks.

VAJ benched for Harris.

Didn't look too effective for the first few plays but he's hitting his stride now - or was.
A lot of yards and not much production in this one.

I know it's just the first game of the week but this has to be in contention of for the ugliest game of week 2. It looks as ugly as the Sask/Ticats game. Ugly AND nasty!

Speedy lookin' good tonight!

Speedy B doing Speedy B things!

Als may pull this off!

OMG! He missed an easy FG!

Lol that was brutal.

Argos must have horseshoes up their keesters...


Unbelievable that he'd miss that. Maybe running the clock down and taking the time count wasn't such a good idea - not for the extra length - just all the waiting on the field.

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Close but no cigar and certainly no Argo killing tonight from the "birds"! LOL

The league installed movable goalposts at BMO Field to help the Argos win. I think I noticed them shift a foot or so to the right during that kick.


Ja'Gared Davis was invisible in this game...


Some players unfortunately get paid for past performances. I hope he remains invisible for the rest of the season. He bailed on us for the Argos. Good riddance.


Like he was for most of last year....until the playoffs came around.

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Like they did all of last year until the eastern final. MBT gets credit for another victory which is totally undeserving.

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MBT took a lot of nasty hits but he still hung in there . He's the best that the Argos have at QB .