MTC: The Greatest Quarterback/ Receiver Connections

Let's not fall victim to the Ringo Starr Fallacy. ("The Beatles were the best pop group ever, I was their drummer, therefore I am the best drummer ever.")

Edmonton's 5 Grey Cups were incredible and will never be duplicated, etc. etc. But does that mean that every aspect of that team was the best ever? Best defensive backs - who else won 5 cups? Best O-line ever - after all, 5 cups. Best kicker because, hey, 5 cups. Best QB-receiver connection ... you get the pattern.

Of all the (much deserved) ranting we've heard over the years about Warren Moon, how often has Brian Kelly been mentioned in the same breath? As in, you can't imagine one without the other? (not to take anything away from Kelly, who was a great receiver)

I'd love to hear some arguments for this tandem based on something more than just the 5 Grey Cups. Tell me about the magic, the chemistry, the great moments.

Can't forget about the Peter Liske to Terry Evanshen combo of the 70's.

The problem with this Greatest QB/Receiver poll is that you can’t vote on what you’ve never seen. To evaluate Etchevery/Patterson, you would have to be in your mid/late 60s or older. I saw them and I will never forget them. They were awesome and have never been equalled though there have been many since then who were very, very good. There will never be an Etchevery/Patterson duo in the CFL again. But thanks for the memories.

Anthony calvillo & Ben Cahoon, The YARD MASTERS,PERIOD!

No one stands out like Liske-Evanshen! Even without stats at hand I can say the ratio of distance, percentages caught, and TD set ups was as impressive as anyone.

Double K: Anthony 'K'lvillo/Ben 'K'hoon :thup:

I pick Anthony Calvillo and Ben Cahoon!
There the best and they've been together for 9 years! They have the best chemestry on the field! They're the best! #1 and Montreal loves them!

Stephanie H. from Montreal
aka Als_1 :stuck_out_tongue:

The Calvillo/Cahoon duo should not be selected as the best duo in CFL’s history, mainly because of Anthony Calvillo’s many short-comings. AC is not even among the greatest quarter-back in CFL’s history. Sure, he’s got impressive statistics, but they are not everything. He suffers from tunnel-vision and he regularly makes bad choices at critical times. Since he calls his own plays, he is always favoring passing over running (last year’s end of the Grey Cup game fiasco is a fine example). Furthermore, he throws a lot of inaccurate passes which Ben Cahoon can thankfully turn into completions. If Ben Cahoon wasn’t blessed with the best hands in the business along an uncanny spider sense to avoid getting killed, he would have been flattened long ago. AC is fortunate to be on a team with a solid O-line and a great center, Brian Chiu. AC is a good athlete that made the best of his opportunity. Cahoon yes, Calvillo no thanks.

I just looked at the list and was disappointed not to see the anmes of Tom Wilkinson and George McGowan. As I recall, they were a good combo in the 1970s.

Jeff Garcia - Allen Pitts
Doug Flutie - Allen Pitts

Touche on the Swurvin Mervin/Roy Dewault connection! I was just I wee chap back then I but I remember all those TDs. Also I agree with the Hamilton guy about the Tony Champion (from Hobart) catch in the 89 Grey Cup. I'm a Rider fan now living in Toronto BTW.

Holloway Greer by far, stats don't lie guys!
Also they played during the EX factor was present.
The traing was different and both player were over acheivers! 8)

Well, chit the bed. Guess I didn't date myself as bad as I thought with my Argo prediction. :lol:

Holloway and Greer are in tough competition tho; what with Cavillo/Cahoon, Moon/Kelly, McManus/Flutie.. had they gone with George Reed instead of "Baby Huey", the Riders tandem would've had a strong case too.

The greatest passing duo in CFL history has to be either:
Doug Flutie to Allen Pitts or
Peter Liske to Terry Evanshen

It is obvious from the results so far that most of the people taking part are under 30 or have short memories.
But I would have thought that Flutie-Pitts would be a no brainer to Calgary fans. Or Wilkinson-Scott to Edmonton fans.
As an Argo fan I would go with Flutie to Mookie even though the combo did not last long enough.
Team bias aside, I have to go with Lancaster-Campbell. The Roughriders were awful and defences knew Ron Lancaster only had two weapons: George Reid running or Hugh Campbell catching. And DEFENCE was way superior in those days. :lol:

You got that right! Too bad we don't remember the names of the offensive linemen that made it work, though.

Is my memory playing tricks on me? I remember Larry Highbaugh as a DB making great grabs off opposing QB's!


I never did like the Lion's but good pick with the DeWalt/Swervin' Mervyn connection. Tom Clements with Stapler/Baker/DiPietro should be there too
These guys from the sweet 80's will NEVER be replaced! Anybody remember the glory days of Dieter Brock? Next to Powpow and Dunigan, the biggest arm in CFL history.

I know I may be biased, but I'm glad to see Milt & Khari mentioned more than once. I also love the Clements & Murphy duo. At least I admit I'm biased.

If I had my druthers, somehow, the winning pair would be either FlutieFernandez, or FlutieFlutie

Love those F.. Players :twisted: :lol: