MTC: The Greatest Quarterback/ Receiver Connections

I am not even close to a Lions fan. And I have to say Dewalt might be the most under rated QB every in the CFL. Great Player Lousy Organization at the time

Maybe we can get Lancaster and Hughie to come of retirement for one last hurrah with the Green&White... :lol: :lol: :lol:

He was crap when he came over to Winnipeg, but that was at the end of his career…

Wally Gabler and Mel Profit.... actually Mel Profit and any QB.

I dunno...Doesnt seem like CFL and Profit belong in the same thread, let alone sentence.

I agree with the Flutie/Pitts if Toronto didn't kidnap Flutie from Calgary the stats would have blowns everyone else away expcept for maybe moon/kelley

Without a doubt swervin Mervyn and Dewalt were the best QB/receiver ever in the CFL

oh, I dont know...I seem to have some doubt :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

So you think Rb's don't help a team out and that any quaterback can hand off to a rb well that may be true but if you think about it there actually is a relationship between a qb and a rb because of this listen to this would charles roberts and joffrey reynolds have as many rushing yards as they do today well no because if the quaterback doesn't have any confidence in his running back or if the running back himself doesn't have any confidence then will they ever hand off the ball to him no. Ya receivers make the big plays and catches but running backs can run big amounts of yards too for big gains and they also get you the short 2 and 3 gains for your team but if i had to choose a quaterback and a receiver core then i would have to choose warren moon and brian kelly :rockin: :lol: ps go stamps go

as duo, I just cant imagine any better that Danny Mac and Darren.

Sure, as individuals they can be topped by the likes of Fernandez, Pitts, Doug, Dunigan, Moon, etc, but who played together for 10 yrs? Who did it on multiple teams. How many did it notably on two teams, let alone 3. These two brought the best out of each other. Together they outperformed the sum total of what they would have done as individuals. They are the ultimate in QBREC duos.

Long before he was averaging 26.0 yards per reception on his way to 6 progressively productive years with the Raiders - Mervyn Fernandez used to play catch with Roy DeWalt. It was a riot!

Book em Danno -

Who picked these combo's? It's shortsighted... there are more thatn 1 great combe for each team, which is what we will get. Hamilton = McManus/Flutie, but what about Faloney/Paterson?? And that Khari/Stegall thing. I'm from Wpg and I don't like it.Khari was overrated and a Flash in the pan. Pleon and Neilson, Brock and Thorpe, Clements and...... and the list goes on. As long as we get Jackson/Tucker. Whit still holds the record for longest avg pass.

Best qb/reciever combo? How about Peter Liske and Terry Evanshen? They dominated their era!

Sam Etchevery and Hal Patterson easialy one of the best and Calvillio and Cahoon have been concistent over the years not just one year

Agree 100% with Etcheverry & Patterson as top duo for the Als. No 10 yarders for these two. Montreal put up 30+ points per game in 1955, 1956 and "The Rifle" had numerous 500+ yard games. Unfortunately I believe the 82 points Montreal put on the board vs the Cats in 1956 still stands as a record. And not only was "Prince Hal" a perennial all-star receiver but back then he was also an all-star DB. It was great when he was traded to the Cats and his 70+ yard TD in the Grey Cup v BC at the twilight of his career was one of the greatest. In an era of trash talk and end zone dances Patterson was a quiet, unassuming player (he road a motorcycle from Kansas to Hamilton for training camp every year) who let his talent do the talking.

Maybe it shows my age … but the connection I remember best is Tony Gabriel from Tom Clemonts … for a win over George Reed and his Saskatchewan RRiders. :cowboy:

I think it's going to be a fight behind Edmonton (Moon/Kelly, 5 back to back GCS, no team in pro sports has ever had 5 back to back titles I believe) and Saskatchewan (Lancaster/Campbell, Saskatchewan's first Grey Cup ever in 1966, almost 50 or 75 years since the club formed, depending on where you say the club started), with EE winning in the end, as unusual.

We forget so many others not based on one game either

Sonny Wade of Mtl to Peter Dalla Riva in the 70's
Tom Clements to Tony Gaberial with Ottawa
Don Jonas to Joe Poplaski in WPG.
Wally Gabler to Mel Profit with The Argos
Tom Wilkenson to Tommy Scott in Ed

The list goes on

Depends if you want posession or deep... I am even forgetting

Joe Zuger to Tommy Joe Coffey in Hamiltion..would kill us every year.

Atkins to the right, Tucker to the left as Johnny Esaw would say.

Russ Jackson to Whit Tucker or Margene Atkins or Jim Mankins

i agree with connections like flutie and pitts but for pure explosivness it would have to be Stegall and Khari. I know Khari is nothing now bu for those magic 4 years it was like no stopping these two khari threw up 46 Td's and Stegall broke the all time record with 23. Simply put no one knew how to score better then these two.