MTC: The Greatest Quarterback/ Receiver Connections

As an Argo fan, clearly the best were the Gold Dust Twins, Joe Krol and Royal Copeland. Three Grey Cups in '45, '46 and '47 don't lie. But they won't be selected because they played too long ago and nobody today remembers what they didn't see personally.

I'm thinking of Condredge Holloway and Terry Greer. Talk about excelling at the highest level, at the same time as turning around a franchise that hadn't won in eons. Love or hate the Argos, these guys were amazing.

The Canadian Football League and Making the Connection have teamed up to invite you to decide The Greatest Quarterback/ Receiver Connections in CFL History? Starting June 23rd through August 18th, vignettes during CFL on TSN's Friday Night Football will reveal the nine nominated tandems from across the League. Once all nine tandems are unveiled, you can vote for your favourite duo and debate with other armchair coaches over who deserves the greatest duo honour.
The winning tandem will be announced during halftime at the 94th Grey Cup in Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 19, 2006.

As far as a total career McManus/Flutie were great but they may not have been good enough for any one team (BC, Edmonton, Hamilton) to be the best combo for that team!

nothing was said about it having to be for any one team. Actually, being equally successfull on more than one team is the best criteria.


May not be the best but the best name, the Salsbury-House connection

Gotta Be Tom Clements to Tony Gabriel.

hi all been a long time since I posted and a couple of questions pop into my mind regarding the qb/reciever question. first are we looking at effectiveness or explosiveness and excitement. Second are we talking long term teammates or tandems that were around for a couple of seasons?
for effectivness at clock management and ball control tom wilkinson and waddell smith, or dieter brock and joe poplawski(god I hope I spelled that right). pure explosiveness and excitement...roy dewalt to swervin mervyn, or conredge holloway to emanuel tolbert. for longevity one name and one name only comes to mind damon allen.....pick a reciever and here is the challenge you only get one.

Sonny Wade / Peter Dalla Riva

Flutie to Pitts.

Hands down

Cant catch the ball with yer hands down. Are you saying Pitts dropped the ball alot :twisted:

i phoned my dad up, and he was born in calgary so his VERY BIASED OPPINION was peter lisc and terry evanshyn

To copy what I said in a non-sticky thread:

If it wasn't for the fact Doug Flutie to "Mookie" Mithcell was a more superior connection, I'd date myself and say Conredge Holloway to Terry Greer.

I can't help but think that the Sonny Wade and Peter Dela Riva combo has to be in there. Wade was MVP in the Grey Cup three times (70, 74 and 77). A great QB, and Dela Riva came into his own as the clutch receiver for the great teams that went to all those Grey Cups in the mid 70s and on.

I think one of the best tandems to play the game are Roy Dewalt and Swervin' Mervyn Fernandez.

naahh. Merv made Dewalt look good. Dewalt was nothing without him.

Tom Wilkinson and Larry Highbaugh need to be represented here. They are both high class athletes who made a great QB/R combo.

As an Argo fan, I hope the Holloway/Greer combo gets support. I think Jackson/Tucker in the old Ottawa Roughrider days was great. Etcheverry/Patterson may be number 1! I also like Clements/Murphy of the great Winnipeg club in the mid eighties.

That one is to easy. Lancaster/Reed by a mile