MTC: The Greatest Quarterback/ Receiver Connections

The Canadian Football League and Making the Connection have teamed up to invite you to decide The Greatest Quarterback/ Receiver Connections in CFL History? Starting June 23rd through August 18th, vignettes during CFL on TSN's Friday Night Football will reveal the nine nominated tandems from across the League. Once all nine tandems are unveiled, you can vote for your favourite duo and debate with other armchair coaches over who deserves the greatest duo honour.
The winning tandem will be announced during halftime at the 94th Grey Cup in Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 19, 2006.

Hopefully the have a Danny McManus/Darren Fkutie combo.

Anthony Calvillo / Ben Cahoon can easily be in the line-up. Even if both still play.

Last year we had to vote on the greatest Grey Cup plays, and “The Catch” by Tony Champion in 1989 - one of the most acrobatic receptions in football history - was not even an option. Instead we got Paul Masotti with some fluke play where the ball deflected to him as he was lying on the ground. As long as Argos are over-represented in the choices, things will be normal.

Roy DeWalt and Mervyn Fernandez :cowboy:

I hope that this won't just be on players from the last few years. Lest we forget the Montreal Alouettes Sam Etcheverry and Hal Patterson and then there was Bernie Faloney and Tom Decker from Hamilton. Out west was Ron Lancaster and Hugh Campbell. Again in the east was Russ Jackson and Whit Tucker. Kenny Ploen (Winnipeg) and Joe Kapp (BC) were great passers as well and had their favorite receivers, whose names escape me at this time. :slight_smile:

Doug Fluite and Derrel Mitchell, those years in Toronto were great. Maybe even Fluite and ISmale. Ray to Tucker will be something great too.

Clements to James Murphy back in the 80's with Winnipeg was freakin' sweet too..

Khari Jones and Milt Stegall have to be there. They were well on their way to rewriting the record book until Management got impatient.

I certainly agree with Doug Flutie being one of the most prolific passers in CFL history but I would suggest that the Flutie and Allen Pitts combo was his best and most productive.

Yeah, Khari to Stegall 2001 (or 2002?) season. I still can't believe that we dumped Khari because of a little slump. I think that's what threw his career off.

Kent Austin and Don Narcisse?

Hope this site will do the greatest QB/running back combo as well!

I cant see this being even close. Who else clicked so well together on 3 different teams winning at least 2 cups on different teams??

How would the QB/RB combo make sense? Any QB can hand off to a running back. There is no relationship factor with a running back as there would be with a receiver. But if there was, it has to be Lancaster and Reed.

Flutie and Pitts for sure. When you're talking about the record books that Stegall and Jones were trying to rewrite (but didn't), you're talking about the records these two set. Even Milt Stegall himself said Pitts is the best.

Obviously this contest is a battle for second place...



so...Warren Moon, and the rest.. enjoy your fight for the silver medal, we ALL know who the greatest was !!!!![/b]

In my day there was no better passing connection than Peter Liske and Terry Evanshen.

Exactly, there is NO RB/QB relationship better than the "George and Ronnie Show!"

How different teams did they play well together on? How many different teams did they win the cup together on??