MRX torture: Bring back the old game tracker

This Neulion game tracker is garbage, slow, missing info and its constant clicking around to look at stupid graphics and no meat :twisted: . Bring back the old one where everything was on one page.

I agree. Nor does it refresh itself, so you're constantly reloading the page if you walk away for a few minutes.

save your breath. bob young doesnt care.

It refreshes here in Chrome and FF in linux. Still would prefer it to be in HTML5 instead of crappy flash so it could be used on a tablet.

works fine for me the little I have used it.
It is new…give it time.

Its not new it was there all of last season but you had the option to use the other one. This year they took that away.

Yup! HFX is right. That new game tracker is a pile of steaming Joe Mack! Bring back the old one. It was much better!

Is this the one you’re looking for?

Agreed. I prefer the old one to the new one. One of my pet peeves with systems is people adding features because they can rather than they should. Spending all that effort on a "flash"y interface rather than just making it work better as is.

Thanks, Is that still live or just posted after the games ? That one works great. Has the penalties and all the information you need to compile your own stats that aren't compiled, you can figure out 2 and outs and such. Don't know why they went out and paid for that piece of Neulion crap.

Still live, or at least as live as it used to be. I find it lags a few minutes sometimes. That, plus the fact that it pops back to the top when it refreshes are my only issues with it. But still better than the Neulion version.

Cool, the new Lion lags the same. I think it has to do with the guy inputting the data more than anything.

Agree. I've never liked the neu one. It's flashy and funky and clunky and slow and annoying and a b!tch to navigate. On top of that, you can never tell if it has stopped refreshing or if there is just a pause in the game. And then when you do refresh it, there is nothing updated, but if you close and reopen the page there's a ton of new data, you've missed 2 or 3 drives. And then while you're frantically reading to catch up on the drives you missed, the damn thing refreshes on you and you lose your place!

The old one was simple, concise and didn't even require any navigation other than scroll up the page or down the page. It was perfect the way it was.

Little arrow ribbons hopping down the field means nothing to me if they keep me from, you know, actually getting the data?!?!

What good is a Ferrari if the damn thing is always in the shop? I'll stick with the Honda thanks.

This neu lion thing is like a drop dead hot girlfriend who is a high maintenance drama queen, always makes you pay for expensive dinner and then always has a headache when you take her home so you never get any. A complete waste of time.

Amen, right, it is the brainchild of some overzealous jackbutt techie. It's not quite a pile of steamin' hot crap, but it might as well be given usability of the classic display on one page.