Mrs. Jimenez latest twitter hero...

I don't pretend to know much about the social media; however, Mrs. Jimenez has a valid point if the discipline is not consistent. However, Jason I suspect has a history and that may be a contributing factor to this particular scenario. I can only think back to last year in a game against B.C.when Jason blatantly clipped an opposing player. It makes me wonder if Jason is more interested in score-settling rather than executing his assignments. This spoke volumes about him in my mind and likely many others. I`m sure this will send a message, good on you Marcel.

Public derision among players and their teams (or ex teams) is fright with undue career risk.

Team management, as well as opposing execs frown upon such dubious behavior and bad PR which usually decreases market value/demand for the transgressing player.

Even though it is the wife of the player in this situation, it is a reflection on said player who may be deemed guilty by association thus damaging his career or being blacklisted

I wonder what Obie/MB think of this...none too pleased I'm sure..

Disagreeing and debating with your boss over a decision is like arguing with a referee over a penalty call. In either case, you will never win and may even make the situation worse for the next time. Additionally, creating an embarrassing predicament for yourself and the team is NEVER a good idea.

If the woman thought she was going to change the coach's decision with her tactics, then she only fooled herself.

Obie doesn't suffer fools well. Jason and his wife's actions may have created another shopping item for the GM.

You mean he might be sitting somewhere having a beer with Tom Canada and Mike Kelly LOL !

It a little ironic it was Jimenez's man that got by him, to get to Glenn, which he ended up getting hurt on!
"Mrs60Nikki Nikki Jimenez
sit your best tackle against the hottest team in the CFL? Way to try to win #Ticats!"

this was one of her twitters, like i said its ironic the BEST TACKLE let someone get by him!

Jason Jimenez declined to speak with media after practice on Wednesday, in which he was replaced at right tackle by Belton Johnson with rookie Brian Simmons playing on the left side.

Head coach Marcel Bellefeuille said the decision to replace Jimenez was based on his play over the course of several weeks. Bellefeuille, who usually declines to answer questions regarding performance-related personnel changes, said the use of social media forced his hand in this case.

So basically instead of helping his cause, his wife caused the coach to call him out about his play in public. Good job Mrs. J

who cares? Jimenez will dress for the game and before it is over and done with he will play. I am not a MB fan but he is sending a message to JJ that his efforts on the field need to improve especially with the play offs coming. He is a pro and will do what his coach asks of him. Player decisions are out of his hands. Sure he will be upset and you wouldn't expect anything less.
The team comes first and JJ will learn from this and any other starter no matter who he is will also get the message that nothing less than a 100% effort on the field is expected.

Based on this incident and the team's response to it, Jimenez is probably toast with this team at the end of the season. IMO, he "burned the bridges" with the team when he allowed those types of comments to be posted in public.

Bellefeuille, who usually declines to answer questions regarding performance-related personnel changes, said the use of social media forced his hand in this case.
This is why, if you have a grievance, take it up with your immediate superiors in private, not the world wide web.

No he won't.
They haven't dressed a backup import o-lineman all year and I doubt they'll start now.
(Unless they're so thin at game-ready imports with all the injuries at other positions that they have an extra DI spot, but that's unlikely)

What century were you born in? Jason Jimenez didn't "allow" anything. His wife has her own mind and has the right to say whatever she wants. The fact that you think he had to allow this is shocking.

Another excellent post by Blogskee. What century were you born in Seymour? The day I can stop my wife from doing anything she wants to do is a good day. I only hope that day comes soon, but I'm patient.

The day we start judging men by what their women say in anger is the day the world has truly come undone. Jason wife loves him. Love is the wind that blows out the light of all reason. Don't judge her for what she said. And for christs sake, don't judge Jason.

Give me a woman who has read a 1000 books and you give me an interesting companion. Give me a woman who has read one book and you give me a dangerous enemy indeed. I forget who said that but they were smarter than me.

If you believe that Mrs. Jimenez posted these comments strictly on her own, without Jason having any knowledge or any part in it, then you are more naive than may 6 year old niece.
Pay attention to Bellefeuille’s remarks - he said “The use of social media forced his hand in this case”. He wouldn’t be saying that if he and the team thought the posted comments were simply criticisms from an angry wife.

That dosen’t hold water. Still does not force his hand. He just couldn’t help himself sticking the knife in there… Come on…

“Sticking the knife in there”? A bit dramatic, isn’t it? Mrs. Jimenez brought this on her husband herself. If not for her posts, we all could have thought he got knicked or even that we were saving him for the playoffs. She opened the can of worms and now she can deal with it. (Oct. 20 entry)

I like the fact she calling everyone out ..

Big surprise there and she is only hurting her husband so let her carry on and she can spend a LOT more time with him next year when he is unemployed.