Mrs. Jimenez latest twitter hero...

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Apparently Jason is sitting this week and his wife is not happy about it...

What is wrong with these people? Don't they know twitter is bad?? lol

If you ask me its the media that blows things up all the time. Jason is 6 foot 7inch and wieghs 320lbs, why dont you ask him what up with his wife, cause i sure as hell wont! :rockin:

Twitter is fine, of course she has a bias for her husband nothing abnormal there. Drew "Creeping" her account and rebroadcasting it out in his blog is pathetic. Wives , kids, moms, dads should be off limits unless the comments are made directly to the press as was the case last year when one of the dads made comments on Drew's blog. I think it was a young QB.

Nope they know full well that their accounts are NOT off limits. If she wanted her account to be off limits she would not allow people to follow her. She could force people to request to follow her. She had a purpose in her post and it was to have her opinions aired in public and that's what she got.

I did no say her account is off limits. I said a journalist should consider family members off limits. Anyone with a brain knows reproducing such a tweet will be incendiary to the athlete or the team's locker room. Drew should have enough compassion and morals to see it for what it is: an emotional upset wife. His job is to cover "the team" not their families.

Twitter is called "Twitter" for a reason. If you want to keep things private and confidential, stop the key board hero stuff. There is a lot of personal conversation that most of the people in the world could care less about. The only people that are interested are the people who charge you to text and use all those apps on your phone.


It may have been in bad taste for Drew to repost her Tweets, although at the same time, if Mrs. Jiminez doesn’t wish for her comments to be published publicly, then she should not publish her comments publicly.

I am sure she is upset and I understand your point, but my point is that when you post things on the internet for all to see you open yourself up to these situations.

This case is more like semi-public, as tweets are seen by "followers" not the public at large, obviously Drew clicked on the "follow" button of Mrs. Jimenez. If she had tweeted "I love the Ticats and my husband is playing this weekend" would he have copied her quotes to his blog ? :wink: Anyway Drew felt it was "worthy" news so he'll have to live with it as much as her.

Actually she used the #Ticats so the tweets will be seen by ANYONE who searches the word Ticats. That's pretty public

Drew did nothing wrong and blew nothing out of proportion. His interest seemed piqued at the mention of Jimenez sitting, something he hadn't heard. That's football related.

Normally, the Tweets of a player's wife wouldn't neccessarily be news, though the rules of engagement on reporting on social media stuff are dodgy at best. But this is the first I've heard or seen of Jimenez sitting vs. B.C. as I'm pretty sure he practiced with the first team for most of yesterday. And she also provides a reason why.

I would say that is a game changer...yes :?

Yeah that was my issue with it. It was a direct slap at the organization and she wanted people to see it.

So if Jimenez sits, who goes in at RT? Wayne Smith? Belton Johnson? or ???

Jason may become the world's largest Zumba instructor...

I doubt if she made these comments without Jason's knowledge/agreement and yes, she (and Jason) wanted the Ti-Cats organization to see it.
Obviously, Jason couldn't post these comments himself on Twitter, but if his wife does it, he accomplishes the same goal without putting himself in direct contravention of team policy and jeopardizing his career here.

Since we're talking about twitter here, does RT mean "Re-Tweet" or "Right Tackle" ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking the same thing but Jimenez is a five year vet so no matter what happens even if they released him , they would have to pay him out till the end of the season. Not sure how it impacts playoff money. He might stand to lose some coins there, not sure.

I doubt that they'll cut him, but I AM wondering where all those people are right now who think that MB needs to be more of a disciplinarian. Conspicuous by their absence. :stuck_out_tongue: