mrs, ignoring the issue, or just totally incompetant

inquiring minds want to know

damn, by the time I could get access again, I could no longer edit mrs to mrx. grrrrrr

Thought maybe you were having problems with the wife.

Sounds like the daily therapy session I'd have with the guys at work. Everybody venting about their ladies. :lol:

Yeah, I thought it was your wife too! Saying things like "You do know its only a game?" or "So they missed a couple of flags, so what, its only a game." or "Why do you keep yelling at the TV, its only a game."

You know, trying to bring maturity to the whole process. Who raises these people?

So were you ignoring the issue, or just totally incompetent? Oh, so I guess that you just learned that not everything is incompetence and that mistakes happen?

Good point.

It may not even be a mistake. With the randomness of the outages, it makes me think that something nefarious has been happening...

no, as soon as I admitted it, the screw up occurred and I could not read it or get back into edit, which I would have done right away. By the time the screwed up system let me back in, I could not edit.