Mrs. Burris???

As it hit Deadspin, watch this story snowball to some greater degree. :lol: It actually became more of a story when it was revealed Burris was married as many including me did not know at first when this thread started.

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The story above says that it's a pic from his 35th birthday and his wife knew all about it.

That for me means this is a non-issue. It won't stop me from jeering Henry the next home game he's in Regina, but it won't add any fuel to my fire either.

A grown man can do what he wants and wear what he wants.

Non-issue you or any ONE person is great, but for millions of others bombs away regardless. :lol: We won't rain on your reclusiveness or lack of interest on the matter if you don't rain on our parade, but if only it worked out that simply.

And uh, of course I don't object to the spirit of the above comments and manning the fort, but of course you might want to run something by your next girlfriend or your wife sometimes before you do some things.

That's unless of course you don't mind sleeping on the couch indefinitely along with the prolonged silent treatment and occasionally craftily plotted revenge for starters. :lol: And if you have kids too, well ...

Good luck to Burris in that regard too if he happens to have such a naive mentality. If Burris has another sudden awful such game, my bet then will be that he has not been sleeping well at home if at all. :lol:

I think this is just plain funny. Henry didn't do anything wrong. What's weird is mostt of the comments from chicks dig the pictures anyway, maybe Hank is starting a fashion trend :lol:

I agree, but it's still funny, and you know if you put one of your friends in a bra you'd laugh and ridicule him. It's all in good fun. I certainly don't think any less of him. :wink:

I believe these have been around since atleast July. One of the issues is the number of responses.. "its photoshop", "its a birthday joke", "its for breast cancer".

It really blew up when at the Stamps vs Riders game someone brought a large poster made of it, but photoshopped Lewis head onto the girl. Security eventually went into the stand and took it away.


:D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:

I saw some comments about Henry already having his two cups or how he's already got all the support he needs.
Haha, just some extra ammunition for them rider fans.

I still can't help but laugh at that picture, LOL.

My daughters like to dress my young son up occasionally. It is all in good fun but I always warn him that he should not pose for any pictures because they will always come back to haunt him in the future. It is obvious that Hank was never taught that lesson when He was growing up.

Let's never forget Hank in a bra! :rockin:

Thanks a lot, I was trying to forget! I had until I saw this. I didn't remember how good looking the lady was. So,there is an upside.

His life his and his business, not sure why you care ?