Mrs. Burris???

...dear God... :?

No kidding especially if he got some serious action with that chick after some good laughs, but then again seriously I don't get the sense of humour of he and his wife who knows all about it. :lol: Then again I've never been married.

(Yes I know from below you are female of course when typing that welcome back pls post more! :thup: )

i don't know about the rest of you, but whenever i wear women's clothes i really have a tough time finding a bra that isn't real tight around the chest and over the shoulders.

Seriously tho…what the hell was he thinking??? How does he explain that to his wife? “ok honey, i was at this party in this girls bedroom so we took of my shirt and she took off her shirt and she put her bra on me. Honest thats all that happened!”
lol!and if anyone doesn’t think his wife is actually pissed then go out and get your picture taken with a woman she doesn’t know with her shirt off and see what your wife says to you.

Yes... I'd be peed.... lol... but thats just me..

Thanks for sharing, but....too much info. :slight_smile:

Truth of the matter is that this is truly a "non-story",
however, to expect that Rider fans and the national media would not pick this up and run with it....
is delusional.

I mean, come on....its Burris wearing a bra....
if that isn't Rider fan ammunition gift-wrapped with a bow...i don't know what is.

I personally find the more interesting angle of the story to be that there is
perceived intent to truly mess with his family.....are we as rider nation really that malicious?
I would like to think that we aren't......however, the fact that his family was at practice to "show their support"
may point to something deeper under the surface.

i don't know...just an observation.....

It's not a huge story, no, but it is pretty funny. :smiley:

I think Burris used to genuinely like us Rider fans. Even after leaving he liked us and our enthusiasm, but I am getting the feeling that he is over it, and really can't stand us.
Which for me will only get me to sing HHHEENNNNNNNRRYYYY louder. I like it that Rider fans get into his kitchen every home game, last game I cooked up a grilled cheese.

(all that being said I have no actual harmful thoughts about the man and really hope that this whole thing does not hurt his family life)

Can you imagine the heckling poor Hank is going to be put through from Diamond Ferri and Shea Emry this weekend :roll:

Shea: "Come on enry Show us your titties, PLEASE !" Calgary Oline gets an ilegal procedure call from falling over :lol:

That is not "obviously" photoshopped, as somebody commented. That is Burris wearing a bra. Regardless of that, he can wear whatever he wants to, but isn't he married? I wonder if his wife doesn't care that he's topless with another woman in some bedroom.

No kidding! Maybe the couple had one fierce argument over this in the home as they both put some phoney positive spin to the public on the matter for obvious reasons to their benefit and to diminish the embarassment.

I've never been married but no way would any of my past girlfriends even gone along with me hanging out with another girl without her shirt on the night before to heck with wearing some bra!

Could you imagine 'fessin up to the matter along these lines in your love voice as you ask for forgiveness and understanding? :roll:

Ummmmm hey baby/shooga/honey, you know I was out last night with my friend Destiny, mmmmmm ...and you know she wanted me to try on a bra as she took off her shirt, and well then you know one thing led to another and ...but of course it's only you I love mmmmm ...

BS on the part that it is a "non-story" but right on with regard to the comment on Rider ammo. If folks are still talking about it after the initial report a week ago, it's still a story dude. Not only is it Rider ammo now, but it's serious tabloid fodder.

And the "intent to mess with his family" line of yours also is total delusional BS -- you try such an act with regard to even a girlfriend and you have no reason to blame others for messing with you afterwards. Now imagine if it were your wife if married?

Married or otherwise and right or wrong, you asked for it from your lady and the general public whether you were joking around or not when you are hanging around other shirtless women to heck with wearing ladies undergarments. That's the plain reality like it or not.

Oh hell no it's not just you who as a lady would be pissed off highly in such a situation whether or not your boyfriend/husband wears another woman's bra! :lol:

Geez what guy has not pissed off his girlfriend for far less including just an unconscious look or stare at a hot chick? It happens often even at stoplights you know.

We need more female feedback on this thread too. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know...I was going to translate some french expressions Henri might hear in Montreal...all funny and smeg...but...
It's too easy and WTF does it have to do with football? LeStaf said it best: it's his private life and none of anyone's business.

Still...I'm wondering if it explains the slide Calgary's been on the last couple weeks?
No doubt Henry and the Stamps will be in top form tomorrow.
If anything it'll cut down on the "horse-collar" tackles...God knows you might snag a bra-strap

(damn it...couldn't help myself)


It is on Deadspin lol:

[url=] ... k-in-a-bra[/url]

Old news, Hank even talked about it on his twitter account:
Funny how some fan in regina had a pic of nik lewis and I wearing brahs! What prank is gonna happen next!!!hahaha gotta love it! [b][u]6:24 AM Sep 19th via txt[/b][/u]
Its amazing how people are trying to blow a birthday prank pic of me into a bigger deal! Who's the girl, well was that Nik Lewis in one also 2:36 PM Sep 27th via txt

the funnyest comment I've read was that Henry found Jeff Garcia's stash ! LOL

A few people have complained about how well (or badly) Henri pulled it off.

Going "fantasy league" for a second...who then could manage the lingerie thing?
I with everything else in pro would have to go by body type.
Of course it's a matter of personal taste...but the shorter, squatter positions like running back and linebacker just don't do anything for me. On the other hand, I'm sure a few offensive linemen would look just divine.

So I guess that leaves quarterbacks and receivers.
No doubt Drew Tate would look great...with a few pointers from his team mate.
And Arland Bruce III would be just right in a little back number...suit his poisonality.
But please...PULEEESE not Anthony Calvillo (ugh)
He's got his legacy to think of...after all.


When you are a PUBLIC figure by default as a pro athlete, your PRIVATE life becomes public when you act to make it so which includes putting your PRIVATE life and PRIVACY at risk with such a joke irrespective of the intent.

Who chose here to have the picture taken after wearing the bra?

How soon folks forget that the likes of Tiger Woods, to which this situation pales, had a car accident on a PUBLIC street here in Florida? Without that car accident, whether chased by an angry wife with a golf club in hand or not, we would not know near as much but Woods chose to drive on a PUBLIC street.

Burris said he did it all in good fun, but dumb move in that regard by Burris to have the photo taken in the first place and now he's fair game on that count including for the BS PR explanation we got by him and his wife that only inflamed the matter. :lol:

As President Clinton once stated brilliantly and from quite the embarassing experience decades after President Nixon did not figure it out: "It's not the mistake that gets you -- it's the cover up."