Mrs. Burris???

I’m not sure if this was posted, but oh boy!!!

I wonder if Hufnagel is aware of this? Players are just human like anybody else, so fun is fun I say. :rockin:

Thank you. Now whenever I close my eyes I'm going to see that. :?

He may have lost a bet

I hope that's the case as opposed to just another Friday night out with the girls...

Its obviously photoshopped, otherwise Henry would leave a shadow on the edge of the closet door, just like she did.

I'm not a fan of Burris by any means, but it is a bit cheesy to spread this stuff. Funny. :smiley: But cheesy. :frowning:

Cute girl, though.

I agree. The fact that it's posted on the Facebook page of a Saskatoon radio station is also a giveaway.

Er, yeah. :oops:

My bad, I never even thought to look at the page it originated from. I guess the technical "shadow" comment was unnecessary.

I stand by my statement, though...the girl IS cute

Not Photoshopped..... :oops:

At least he can laugh about it. :lol:

The bet was lose to the Riders and wear a trainers bra!!!!! Or, maybe we have a Henrietta in sheeps clothing!? :lol:

Care to retract your statements???

I’m actually becoming embarrassed my parents were from Saskatchewan. :oops: :oops:

Its like you guys are obsessed.

I want sambo’s opinion.

If this was some prank among Burris' friends, it would be interesting to know how a Saskatoon radio station got the pictures. Burris might need some better friends.

Its much ado about nothing really... its a total non-story that somehow is gaining momentum.... its like a snowball rolling down a hill, picking up more flakes as it goes... its one thing to boo the guy every time he comes to Regina, but quite another to make something out of nothing.. but then, its funny how this was a non-story until Hank and the Stamps lose a couple of games. Hopefully, this will fizzle out as fast as it got started....

You got to admit that is really funny.
Fans will have a lot of fun with this.

Brilliant strategy by the Riders to throw Hank off his game down the stretch drive. :lol:

If that stupid picture is enough to throw Burris off his stride, he is not tough enough to be a professional athelete.. Especially if its as innocent as he makes it sound.. Give me a break. a man in a bra.. who the heck cares?

Wait till the picture of Hank in a thong comes out… :?

lol... well..... hes got good abs...
(female poster by the way)