Mr.Young's 5 year plan a sucess, just for the wrong team

There really isn't much else to say. jeez. 15 ex cats. hopefully just hopefully next season is better. its time to start over. already counting down to the opening kickoff.

Next year will be better....

If sask. starts off next season in a slump I am sure they will call up some prospects from the cats to help turn the season around, moreno, printers, setta, lumsden...could all be ready for the big time and are waiting for the call up. Cats are developing some real talent as a feeder system and I dont think any other cfl team has the minor league system in place to develop talent that sask has with the ticats. They won the cup because of depth and their farm system in Hamilton.

Don't you think this whole "15 ex-Cats" thing is a little overblown?

Does anyone even remember when Tim Fleiser and Val St. Germain last played here? 1990s, wasn't it? Holmes and Gordon were just on loan, and can hardly be considered products of our system. Guys like Ranek and Boreham were cut loose by us, and no one picked up Ranek until the end of the season.

This is the CFL. Players bounce around. Everyone has cast-offs or free agents from other teams. Well, except for Wally's teams that is.

In Saskatchewan's case it really comes down to a few guys we traded there. Perhaps those trades weren't good ones. But we didn't exactly send them 15 starters from last year's team.

LOL Valid points. The turnover with the Cats has been particularly high, but that is a reflection of the lack of continuity on the field and in football operations in general. The fact that some players suck rocks in one locale and then turn it on in a new setting might feed into the 20/20 “I told you so’s” as well. The Airabin Justin Fanclub didn’t exactly line around the block by the time he left the Tabbies…

It is good to see that players can find their niches in the league.

The Cats’ task is to become a prime place to play in the CFL again. That takes time to build. The next GM IS the linchpin for the next several years if the team is to get it right.

Oski Wee Wee,

Its working because I dont feel proud of for the past 2 of the 3 last years we helped someone else win the cup while we sit back and ponder what if!I am not a proud man right now!