Mr Young seems to be losing interest

Obviously he means most of southern Ontario, and you mean something else.

I always consider Toronto the hub of Southern Ontario, not Hamilton. Besides, I wouldn't say that Hamilton can draw from Toronto because they have their own team. That would be like an Argo fan saying that the Boatmen should draw because of all of Southern Ontario. They have Toronto and the surrounding area (which would extend as close to Hamilton as Oakville, IMO), whereas the Cats have Burlington and south of that. Unless the statistics I'm aware of are waaaaaay out of date, I'd say that the GTA has amuch larger population than any in southwestern Ontario.

Anyway, I don't want to derail the thread. If he says he meant Southern Ontario, we will have understood one another... I hope.

I cannot say with certainty that Bob Young has lost interest in the team and he did speak without a lot of enthusiasm at half time, but I do agree with most of ohoh's post. My fear is that the team might not survive the year away from Ivor Wynne Stadium. I really doubt that many fans would return, especially if the team played in Toronto or Moncton while the Stadium is being refurbished. And, of course, if the team, and perhaps, the league do not survive, then millions of tax-payer dollars will have been spent on an empty building. The decision to renovate Ivor Wynne Stadium seems to have been made without due diligence.

Completely disagree.

I predict higher than normal crowds once the new stadium is opened to the Tiger-Cats. And while it's not the best choice for either the city or the Tiger-Cats, it will be much better than what exists now. And if LRT happens, that should help with both access and location.

I love the Cats but would have left this city a while ago after being treated as a second class citizen by f___ nuts Eisenberger. How many councillors showed up at his roast?

The title of this thread is insulting.
The Caretaker's commitment to the Tiger-Cats is beyond question IMHO.
We are so lucky to have Caretaker.

I agree, except for the LRT part. There is an excellent shuttle service to IWS right now and the local Cannon bus right to the stadium. If you look at the cities figures, not many fans are taking the busses to the stadium. An LRT would not bring anymore fans to the stadium! The vast majority of the fans DRIVE AND PARK, so we need to improve that.
If I decide that I don't want to drive and try to park around IWS, I will drive to the mall and take the non-stop shuttle to the game. If there was an LRT, I would have to catch a bus then transfer to an LRT, doesn't make sense.

WOW !! People forget quickly.
Remember PRE Bob Young when everything was done on the Cheap.
Remember averaging 17000
Remember hardly no marketing
Remember no kids activities
Remember no giant Canada Flag
Remember hadly no corporate sponsers
Remember ETC.
REMEMBER !?!?!?!?!!?

You could drive to an LRT stop, and park. What’s the difference? No traffic with LRT.

If there was an LRT, I would have to catch a bus then transfer to an LRT, doesn't make sense.
Not sure why you'd drive and park to catch a shuttle and not for the LRT. Secondly, any shuttle or bus will be subject to traffic, and LRT will not be. Plus, and perhaps more importantly, there's the whole notion of TOD (Transit Oriented Development) as discussed earlier, but all this conjecture is for another thread.

The fact that people are forgetting is an indication of caretaker's success. Now imagine the increased level of success once the team starts winning again.

I disagree that Burlington is predominantly Tiger-Cat territory. I live there and I would say it's around 50-50 between the two teams, among people who follow the CFL. No scientific evidence for this, it's just based on general observations and conversations. I know there are Argo season-ticket holders living in Burlington.

Bob Young saved the Tiger-Cats. Period.

I have no negative words to say about him.

Much as I hate to admit this, my two nephews in Burlington are split that way.

Oh, the pain! :thdn:

The beauty is that people in S Ont can jump on one bandwagon and leave the other if need be depending on what team is winning. :wink:

Guess I'm allowed also having grown up as an Argo fan. :wink:

Hi Barney:

Would that stellar entertainment be available on you tube?

Can't wait until Ottawa re-enters the league, we will once again have Two professional teams in Ontario!!

yea, the cats and ottawa..


I have nothing but Respect for Bob and I thank him

Bob your doing a GREAT job keep it up Buddy! Oskee Wee Wee!

Fair enough. I just figured if you mapped the area accordingly, I'd be more apt to but Burlington into "Ti-Cat territory" than I would Oakville or Mississauga. So saying that Hamilton has the largest area to draw from isn't correct. And if we do exclude half of Burlington, that makes the draw even smaller.

My opinion on the areas wasn't scientific either, just what I thought would be reasonable. The team must think Burlington draws because they did the Black & Gold Day there. I'm not saying either one of us is right or wrong. It just makes sense to me that Burlington would fall into the Hamilton sphere of influence more so than Toronto's. My only point was that saying Hamilton has the largest population to draw from isn't factually accurate.