Mr Young seems to be losing interest

When Mr Young first bought the team he was so gung ho about about the whole game experience.He wanted to garner a whole new fan base.Besides improving the team he was really interested into improving the whole entertainment package.The Ticats were soliciting the fans for new ideas.
As time has past there has been less and less going on.The "entertainment"has really ebbed.The games that the Cats have bought didn't even have halftime shows.In the season opener there was no fly over by vintage airplanes.There seems to be complete disorganization such as the players having to basically crawl under the flag to get to the sidelines or in last nights halftime they continued playing music while the rugby players were playing.There was also no commentary on the rugby ((most fans are unfamiliar with the sport)
I think the growing disinterest is evident in the way Mr Young handled the stadium issue.After blackmailing the city into backing away from the west harbour he ,out of the blue okayed the rebuilding at the present site even though it met with none of his criteria( high visibility,ability to have concerts,abundant parking,making money for naming rights,land to build hotels and other commercial projects,easy access etc)I don't remember Mr Young volunteering to contribute to the rebuilding.
By the way ,I haven't heard anything about the plans for the new stadium in regards to architect drawings,logistics of playing while rebuilding etc.In the past Mr Young would have been in the media (along with the city) talking up the new stadium and soliciting ideas from the fans.
In my mind Mr Young might be ready to move on from Ticat ownership.He certainly saved the team but his heart doesn't seem to be in it.

Some interesting points.

Firstly, I think it's still too early for design and drawings.

Secondly, the 23,800 or so make you wonder if there's any lingering effect from the contentious stadium issue. A while ago, Scott Mitchell said that 90% of season ticket holders had renewed, and that season tickets sold were above what they were last year at that point. Combine that with the hype of some very good player acquisitions, higher expectations and media buzz, over 26,000 exposed to a preseason game that saw 57 points scored against the Grey Cup champs...

And then 23,800 for the Canada opener? Guess we'll have to see the next few games.

And to be fair, here's what was planned:

The team has a number of events planned for “Family Day,? including: - two performances by the children's television characters, The Backyardigans at 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Brian Timmis Field next to Ivor Wynne. - inflatable games for kids, a cheerleader photo booth, alumni autograph sessions as well as music and food in the TigerTown Fanzone next to the stadium. [b][u]Admission is free with a game ticket.[/b][/u] - prior to kickoff, an aerial display as parachuters from the Canadian Forces Search and Rescue Technicians while the first 5,000 fans will be given Canadian flags, pins and posters. - at halftime, the team will pay tribute to former quarterback Danny McManus,and former defensive end Joe Montford who will be honoured in recognition of their impending inductions into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

maybe the cats are trying to spend less this season to make-up for the lack of revenue they will earn next season.

Another "Blame Bob" thread. I don't understand this fixation some people have with the ownership of sports franchises. Not every sports team owner is some mega-ego rich kid going through his mid-life crisis. Bob saved this team from extinction yet that's not good enough for some people. And please, respect the intelligence of the TiCats fan base to use facts: Bob didn't "blackmail the City". The reverse is true: the City gave him an ultimatum (one location only). To clarify, it wasn't the "City" it was a now ex-mayor and a few notorious councillors.

Hi Ohoh:

(I love that handle). It has been eerily quiet on the stadium discussion front. For some months there seemed to be talk in the press daily between the football team and the city regarding a new stadium. The city declaring their postion and Bob Young making his threats. Then, seemingly out of the blue, all agreed on maintaining the current location. Maybe, I'm not remembering correctly, but didn't Bob originally say no to this choice? Anyway, that's for another thread.

Bob seems more quiet this year, then in the previous ones. I think we've had on one caretaker update this season. Perhaps, he's stepping back and letting those who are in the postions take care of business. Maybe, all the stadium talk has just worn him out.

Mr. Young, please call. We miss you!!!!

After blackmailing the city into backing away from the west harbour
Huh ? There wasn't a sane person in Hamilton that truly thought it was a good idea to okay the building of a stadium on untested, reclaimed swamp. (not to mention the location itself and the traffic problems, lack of visibility, remoteness etc)

I truly think the Ticats had no option left as some sort of “fix” was in with HOSTCO … McGuinty, Young and Bratina saved the day in my opinion.

I can’t comment on what Bob Young is thinking about the future, but if he is jaded, can you blame him ? Besides, he’s got a ton of other business stuff on his plate

I still maintain he was on the right track hiring Greg Marshall as head coach. His assistants, if given a proper chance, would have built a fine, stable club long ago and we wouldn’t be in a constant panic mode. (ie:LaPolice, Barresi, Murray, Reed, Deke and a new spec teams coach)

But, those are only my uneducated opinions :wink:

Thanks for checking in "ohoh".
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Nothing brings out the seldom used usernames like a controversial loss or issue.

Mr young has done a lot for football - he is the "saviour" of football in Hamilton.

The thing that bothers me is the lack of interest in Southern Ontario. Hamilton has the largest population in the country to draw from and the fans should be flocking to the stadium. But they are not and you have to shake your head and ask "why aren't they coming out"
Forget the results of the game yesterday, why wasn't the game sold out like a Labour Day game? they were going to make this the Canada Day classic, great weather, cool, no humidity, no rain, reasonable ticket prices, an exciting team, everyone predicting a Number one finish this year.
What more does he have to do?

Actually, given what transpired on the field, maybe it was a blessing more people weren’t there to see it.

Attendance is an issue in Hamilton. That’s why it would have been best to have a new stadium accessible to new fans such as Halton Region.

Usually the best cure to poor attendance is a winning record. If the Cats were 2&0 having steamrolled two weaker clubs I’m sure there would be a better turnout for the Riders game. Now…I’m not sure.

apparently to some he must walk on water. :roll:

Wonder if it's the precious summer long weekends. The city seemed deserted yesterday, as if everyone went away.

Perhaps summer games should be on weeknights (Thursday) and autumn games on the weekend. Wasn't it like that many years ago for those reasons?

Overall attenednce aside last night is an non -story.
Attendence is always low with a game on a holiday weekend in the summer. Simple as that.

I agree, holding a game only a holiday Fri is not the best plan.


Ditto ! Also not mentioned was the fact the traditional "It's Your Festival" was on at Gage Park and all the various Canada Day happenings everywhere...Caledonia's is huge for instance

It was probably a bad idea to schedule a game on a holiday-Friday. This makes the entire weekend
a time when folks are scheduling other events, some of which have already been noted on this thread.

Holiday Mondays aren't so bad as folks can get home early on the Monday, having spent the weekend
away, and still catch the game.

As usual. the biggest factor on whether or not this team will fly with great entertainment and larger crowds
will be decided by the team and management as this season progresses. If they continue as they started,
they are doomed to a dreadful season but I think we are going to see a great deal of improvement as soon as
some of the the players with the big egos come down to earth and let their caliber of play do their talking.

I think the Ticats have some classy players who will ultimately rise to the occasion and get the job done.

We deserve much better than what they gave us against Winnipeg, a team who could ultimately prove to
be one of the poorer teams in the CFL. It just so happens, that our team made them look good because,
with few exceptions, we had only one or two players who actually played well last night. The rest of the team
was a "No Show."

Maybe, changing the day of the game to the last day of the long weekend might be an improvment.

I found it difficult to get to weeknight games. I live out of town, and by the time I get back to the car after the game and then home, it's a very late night. And when you start work the next morning at 7am.....

I disagree that Mr. Young has lost interest. If this were so then please explain why he was at the stadium hrs. early to see the kids enjoying all the new ticat jumping equipment along with Mr. Young enjoying the pregame shows for the kids at 3:30 & 4:30pm at Brian Timmins stadium.
He even took the time to pose for a photos with my family and others.
He was in a great mood and deserves better from a bunch of thankless people that post here putting his character and judgement in question.
Shame on these so called fans..


Mr. Young still has a lot of interest. He probably just seems detached as he's a calm level-headed guy. Fan expectations are high - as they rightfully should be. Mine too. We'd like to see high passion, gung-ho rah rah, but that isn't how Mr. Young succeeded in business. He keeps doing what works best for him.

Things will straighten out. They have to. Too much talent. A real football guy in Obie.

Happy long weekend all.

This thread reminded me of an Argo opener 2-3 years ago. The half-time "show" consisted of a pizza twirler and a marching band of about 10 people playing unrecognizable tunes. The whole thing could've been a sit-com skit. :lol:

The missus still talks about it.

An Argo-Cat fan

Um... what? No they don't. Not even close.