Mr. Young an idea for you!!!

Dear Mr. Young,

I have been a follower of the Tiger-Cats for over 45 years. I have never seen a team for so many seasons as BAD as the Cats are now, sure Casey Printers may change this team around however I believe it go's deeper than that, beyong Management, beyong coaching evan, I believe you need a partner in the ownership of the CATS with you, someone who understands what it's like to own a WINNING TEAM, in Football that is, not in other business interests. You should be speaking to a local guy like David Braley present owner of the Lions and local Hamilton Businessman who understands the game and what it takes to be a WINNER in the CFL. You have all the means, money, power, you can do whatever you wish, but like any good businessman your followers will not hang on for ever with a loser, unless they see a WINNER and its been way too long in the making, not another three year marketing scheme to buy into. You saved the team, the fans backed you beyond three years and you are looking at another three years?? I believe time is running out. If you decide to make changes start with your ownership and bring in someone who unerstands the game, another local winner!!!!

This is Bob's team alone. We all back him. He's the man. He brought Ticat football back to life. We will win the Grey Cup before the decade is over. And the City will carry him on our shoulders. Braley owned this team before and he is a pinhead. I wouldn't want Braley to poke this team with a stick. Good Day sir....I said good day!!!!!

dude, what kind of glue did you sniff before you posted this! LoL...Hamilton's finest.