MR White

you better hope calvillo stays healthy or miss white might do it again

from E town hope to see you in BC for one more classic grey cup match

ted looked like a pice of shit last night

Lets see... Ted White threw 19 passes..Completed 12 of them for 176 yards. 1 Touchdown pass. 2 interceptions with some rookies. Yup he looked like crap last night.

Ryoon. You are ALWAYS defending Ted White. I am pretty certain he his one of your personnal friends. Look. I know he probably is a good guy. I know he gets himself involved with the Archers ( a group of impoverished kids who wouldn't be able to take part in physical activities, like football or basketball wouldn't it be of the implication of guys like Ted White). I congratulate him for that.

But this... is about football.

I guess you just watched the stats on paper, but wasn't at the game last night. The paper doesn't tell the story.

White throws floaters, which are easily interceptable. He can't move. Throws in coverage. Can't hold the ball when sacked. He panicks, because every time he makes a mistake, he makes a second one right after. He has no leadership in the huddle.

Last night, when HE was on the field, he had Cahoon and Stala for receivers. When Wiser was on the field, he had Watkins and Dudley. When Robertson was on the field, he had Maurice Brown and Adam Eckert. Not fair to compare the three with such receivers. Robertson put the ball 5 times in the hands of his receivers who dropped lamentably (Maurice Brown dropped about four).

When White threw his touchdown pass, it was a TD for the sole reason that Stala managed to catch the pass despite being in deep coverage, break the tackle, jump over the downed defender and run it in. Stala made the play. White was instrumental.

White terminated THREE drives where we could at least have gotten a field goal with a giveaway.

Your friend may be a good guy Ryoon. But he's definately not a CFL caliber football player. You are his only fan.

I also think he can do alright given a full set of receivers and a smaller playbook. He knows what he did wrong and he knows what he needs to work on. If he is forced into action for an extended period of time he will put a couple Ws up on the board. He will get better in time and this game was an improvement from the last time we saw him

Well, you are right. I was not at the game, therefore I would not be able to judge. But from what people at work and friends who were at the game, I heard that AC Threw 4 passes, 3 completions but 2 were called back. I heard the Ell Roberson is a good scrambling QB, and likes to scramble alot. I also heard that Ted White is improving on his game.

I respect you as a person Third And Ten, honestly I do. But when Matthews sais that Ted White looks good this year, he's improved, and he is focused on getting rid of those memories of last year's East Final. I'd much rather take the information from Don Matthews, a Professional then you.

I am a Ted White fan. I'm no close friend. I just feel sorry for the guy, for getting critised for playing his only game of the season, in the biggest game.
I stand behind my team, I encourage and look up to each and every player. Cause he does have CFL Calibur. Give the guy some playing time. And he'll start to do good, and you'll see the typical Montreal Sports fans who chear their athletes when their good, or Boo the hell out of him because he made a few mistakes.

Sorry for rambling on, but I personally think its ridiculous to call him crap, when he's not. He is a professional, and he plays with other professionals also. He has a strong arm, probably stronger than AC, but he is not mobile.

Ted White= Garbage

My wife is also a fan of Ted White :shock:

One thing i hope this year, is that if TW is really tag #2, when the game is won in the 4th quarter, remove AC and make TW play ! Give him some CFL milages ! So maybe this year he wont see his first real action in the playoff…

Ryoon, I see your point. Granted, Don Matthews knows way more about football than I do. And, granted, Don Matthews is in a much better position to eveluate his QBs than I am.

But honestly, when have you seen a coach say something like "This QB really is below average and I pray every night we don't have to rely on him. Unfortunately, the other QBs we have aren't any better so we'll keep him."

How would that help the QB gain some much needed self-confidence? How would that give White any kind of credibility in the huddle? How would players respond to a coach that openly diss one of them?

Thruth is: a coach just can't express a bad opinion in such a case. If White plays a game and throws 5 ints, the coach will say he had a bad night, but still has the potential to do better next time. He has to protect both his relationship with players and the underpeformer's self-confidence.

When Matthews start to say something bad about a player, that guy knows he's not part of the gameplan anymore.

So Matthews do know more than me about White's situation, but the only opinion he can voice for now is a positive one, no matter what he thinks. (And understand me good: I don't say that Matthews lies when he talks about White. I say that if he was disappointed with him, he'd say the exact same thing he saying now unless the Als had a replacement at #2)

White has had very little CFL action to date and there were positives and negatives about his play. He is still a work in progress but he has a few pieces that he needs to be successful. In time he will fill in what is missing. Yes he put up two interceptions he also put up a TD though. He isnt very mobile but hes built like a tank and is hard to bring down.He also has a very strong arm once he gets a little more accurate he will be quite effective.

I also think that hte most important quote after the game didnt come from matthews but from white. He said that he knows what he did wrong on those two picks and theyrre things he can work on and fix. I think with some more playing time he will get a lot better

White did fine, the mistakes he made were not read mistakes but underthrowing and that to me is not bad at all and easily corrected.
I am still unconvinced he could be as good as AC, but he is not a Bolden either, so there is still optimism in my book for TW.

White wasn't impressive in preseason, but give him a chance. Remember how brutal AC was in Hamilton? Star quarterbacks aren't made overnight. I think White has the potential to be a solid backup if they simplify the playbook and emphasize the running game when he's behind centre to keep opposing defenses honest and allow him time to make his reads. As SectionW said, the mistakes he made were the result of underthrowing, not poor reads (Michael Bishop, anyone?), so I have confidence that he can improve this year.