Please do something, this is your team get Mr.Smith to get rid of Bellefeuille.....His play calling is absolutely atrocious...If you can, please bring back the Don....let the fans of Montreal have a real head coach :?

You realize the old man is senile right? And I don't mean Don...

Yet another reason to hate Bellefool's playcalling: the fact that we never disguise what we're going to do. In Sunday's game, virtually every time we had Payton in the backfield, we handed off to him. Virtually every time it was a passing play, we went to a five-receiver set with no RB in the backfield. Reading the play at the line of scrimmage is a cinch for any defense worth its salt. They see Payton, they immediately know it's a running play, they swarm to the ball, and we gain 2 yards if we're lucky.

Bellefeuille has no idea how to progress his packages over the course of a game, i.e. that you set up the run to make play-action effective later, that the way you confuse defenses is by using the same look to present two or more different plays, so that they'll never know what you're doing until the play actually happens.

He has no concept of fooling his opponent. When we were on the Esks' goal line, it amused and saddened me to see how lame, predictable, and scared he was in his choice of plays. First, QB sneak. Then vanilla handoff to RB. Then quarterback option. No guts, no ability to surprise the other team with, oh, I don't know, a QUICK PASSING PLAY on second and goal to mix things up? So that if you don't succeed, you at least plant the seed of doubt in Edmonton's mind that your next play might not be on the ground?


You get your featherweights out of there you bring in as much weight and power as you can on the line then you spread Carter and Payton in a split or line them up in an I. You have 3 shots to make a yard. Its not rocket science. You don't give up yards on a goal line stance. They clearly have not spent the proper time to correct the problem that's been obvious since the last Grey Cup game...