Mr Printers is back!

Watching the Highlights of the BC/Calgary game man he is on fire :thup: scrambling and a gun for a arm Winterpeg loss today
and BC still has life ..................

Yes, the guy is dynamite. He never lost a step. It kinda makes you shake your head doesn't it? It's a shame he got thrown under the bus here. But we got a great QB in Glenn anyway. I'm very happy for Casey and I do NOT want to meet him in the playoffs :? .

He didnt lose a step? There's lots of people who know it's a fact he was out of shape while he played for us.

I'm glad he's playing well though, but I'd still rather have Glenn.

Im happy to see him back, happy to see him playing well here as I think he got a raw deal from alot of people here....


Hes 0-2

Hard to say hes "back"

He's back alright, he has no choice but to step up and perform. This was probably his last chance as nobody wanted to touch him. He rode into Hamilton like some kind of white knight on his high horse and quickly proved he's a prima donna who didn't want to get hit. He sat around here with minor injuries and a big paycheck. When he got let go and nobody wanted him I think it really deflated his huge ego. In other words, Casey "did you get humbled". :cowboy:

He looked pretty good again last night against Calgary.
I keep saying how the heck did the other GM's in need not at least call him up and into training camp.
Especially my Argos.
Apparently the BB did have him audition and Kelly did not invite him to camp.

He had no line, no receivers, no healthy running back, a coach and GM that were both fired for the performance of the players they put on the field. He was asked to be a pocket QB with a line that didnt know what a pocket was. He was asked to make plays for receivers that didnt know what to do with a blitz, or what to do when a ball was thrown their way. He tried his best with what he was dealt... he showed shades of the player he was but as you have seen with BC, he also likes to throw it up to Geroy when he gets in trouble. Who was he supposed to do that to here? Most of his receivers are no longer in the league.

None of us know what his attitude was like in the room, so the rest is all speculation.

And that IS the nub of it, Crash. For his style of game, even today's Lion squad allows Casey more ability to improvise afer the play breaks down. The Lions receivers know the scramble rules and do not stand around like pylons as the Cat corps often did when Casey was here. I am not absolving Casey of his poor in-game decisions at times when he was here or his problems with ball security. My point is as you stated well!

Oski Wee Wee,


Whatever, blame everyone else, that's why both Ritchie Williams and Porter both out performed him with the same talent around them. Ask anyone who played with him, ask obie and they'll tell you he was out of shape and NOT making the throws he is capable of making. He was off target and his arm strength was the weakest it's ever been as well not having the same quickness.. I even seen a youtube video where he said his confidence was gone and he wasnt making good throws.

It's all bs blaming the teammates, sure they weren't the best, but still Printers showed nothing when he was here, there was no signs at all of his former MOP self.

Casey Printers and the BC Lions coming to Tigertown for the East Semi will be a great story.

Williams is no longer in the cfl and Porter is sitting on the bench. The cats sucked when Printers was here, I dont blame him for any of our problems.

That doesnt change the fact that they were better than Printers while he was here.

I like our chances against Printers after only playing in three games having to come to Ivor Wynne agaisnt a very loud and hostile crowd and a pumped up defense, we'll win that matchup!

Wally is the only coach Casey has really played for...Lets hear it for Wally. :cowboy:

I think no coaches came calling because of his "me first" ego.
He may have more physical ability and talent, but I'll take Glenn.

Ya he's got No wins and 2 losses. He is picking up right where he left of last year.

Printers was given every opportunity to play when he was in Hamilton and failed dismally. The Cats had to let him go. However, from what I've seen of him so far this year, I'd say he's well on the way to regaining his 2004 form. He was a difference maker and I can see that emerging in him again.

An Argo-Cat fan