Mr. Popp signs 13 more...Wow! Go Jim!

Chris Dunlap,
Mike Giffin,
SJ Green,
Cortney Grixby,
KaMichael Hall,
Rodney Hardeway,
Andrew Hawkins,
Chris Jennings,
Ryan Karhut,
Chris Leak,
Ricky Santos,
Chris Smith et
Brandon Whitaker

I know we've had SJ Green parked on the injured and practice rosters for the past two seasons, but we finally got to see him in a game at the end of last season, and I thought he looked rather impressive.

Herb is reporting that Khalil Carter has been released. If true, I'm shocked.

Yes, I saw that too. Assuming Randy Drew is healthy we're set at one HB spot, and I think Jesse Hendrix can capably man the other spot, he's looked good wherever we've played him, corner or HB. Plus we might look at Boulay at HB if Proulx keeps the safety spot, and also any of the new recruits of whom, so far, we know nothing.

You may have noticed I have not mentioned a certain other HB who personally I would have released before releasing Carter, and my omission of his name is deliberate.

Herb is reporting " I heard from someone who saw the cousin...

Carter can't be a free agent till mid feb. Also he came onboard this year, that would mean that he signed one year plus an option.
Meybe Carter is attempting to get an NFL tryout during his option. I wouldn't buy Herb's rumours, especialy what he posts on his blog section where there is no accountability.

Herb has now retracted the Carter release. :smiley:


Was worried they were going to jettison Carter at the expense of that other guy MadJack alluded to. :wink:

Herb is wrong about more things then he is right...

Odd how he couches his retraction though.....makes it sound the Als changed their minds about releasing him.