Mr. Orridge

Please don't bother issuing your standard Monday morning apology for horrible CFL refereeing. It is only falling on deaf ears. Just fix the damned problem.... or you will lose a 50 year CFL fan.

I didn't think it was a penalty.

Totally agree. Referees giving Hamilton the big breaks. But nice call at end when Collaros got hit. Got that one right !!

It wasn't a penalty in any way shape or form. And I say this as a rabid Edmonton hater. Hamilton fans are clutching at straws I'm afraid. The 'Cats lost this particular game because their kicker isn't reliable, they couldn't stop the run, and Collaros hasn't regained his pre knee injury form.

If this is about the roughing the passer that was not called, review and upheld?

Orridge has nothing to apologize for. Right call was made.

There would have been less credibility to overturn the call and help the Ti-Cats win to eliminate the possibility of an all west final.

Who's Orrigde?

Here is a still photo, notice that Willis is not yet even in the picture.
Pic was posted by TSN's Derek Taylor

Collaros is inside the tackle box and behind the line of scrimmage. ... r%5Eauthor

That's pretty damning that the hit was overwhelmingly late. Espcially when you put it next to other Roughing the Passer calls that were called this season.

Just remember, this is the same replay official who is working the Grey Cup. The same one who the league had to publicly apologize for, after screwing up the Ellingson fumble a few weeks ago. :oops:

His name is the CFL word Jumble answer for this week.


I thought it was late but no Cats fan thought the hit on Ray earlier in the year was late in Hamilton. Ray was grabbed run backward and pounded into the turf breaking ribs and puncturing a lung. Ray was also rolled into late injuring a knee this year. Neither of those were called. I thought they wanted to protect qb's in this league but obviously not.
That hit on Collaros could have easily been avoided. Crap like this pissed me off.

Even if the penalty was called, the Ticats were already called for holding. The difference would have been the Ticats replaying the down from the 20 instead of the 10.
The next play, Collaros throws an INT anyway, it just means that he ended up throwing the INT from his own end zone not from back on their own 10.
The refs lack of a penalty call did not decide this game, the game was decided by a terrible pass by Collaros that was intercepted.

I assure you. There was no penalty.

It was a clean hit, very fast and very close.

And like it was already said, he threw the INT and stopped any chance of a comeback.

That hit with the timing as very close at it was shouldn't be called a penalty. It was very close but that is a "let them play" non-call IMHO.

A RTP call is a Major foul and would have made an automatic 1st down, not 2nd and 14 that led to the horrible pass at the worst time of the game. :frowning: . The play call would probably have been different on 1st down.
I can certainly see the ref missing the RTP, but, when a challenge is asked for, the control center that can slo mo and stop action the play and should have seen the same as the posted picture that the ball was 5 yards away from Collaros before Willis is even in the frame.

If both penalties were called it would have been first and 10 from the 15 yd line as they would only award 5 yds difference and the first down. As for the play call on the play after the call, what makes you think the Austin would not call for a pass play to move down the field, he sure wasn't going to call a running play. Collaros just threw a very poor ill timed pass, not the officials fault at all. BTW the official both on the field and in the command center got the call right, it wasn't RTP, take off your gold and black tinged glasses and quit complaining and blaming ti-cat losses on the officials. This coming from a Rider fan who hates the eskimos and wanted a ti-cat win in the worst way.

I can certainly see the ref missing the RTP, but, when a challenge is asked for, the control center that can slo mo and stop action the play and should have seen the same as the posted picture that the ball was 5 yards away from Collaros before Willis is even in the frame.
The ball was barely out of Collaros' hands in that screen shot. Heck, there are only three hash marks visible in that entire shot. There's no way that ball was five yards out in that screen shot.

Willis hit Collaros less than half a second after the ball was out of his hands. In my opinion, personal fouls like Roughing the Passer and Unnecessary Roughness for late hits should only ever be reviewed at full speed. There is no accuracy to be gained in the timing by looking at it in slo-mo (or by looking at a single paused frame, as is the argument here) - the timing of the hit is actually distorted when played in slow motion. If it doesn't look like a late hit at full speed, then it wasn't late enough to garner a penalty.

Only a few short seasons ago, the ball had to be very clearly out of the passer's hands and well downfield before a hit on the QB would be called. This newer interpretation of the rules has only resulted in QBs leaving themselves unprotected for longer - it hasn't resulted in QBs being any more protected (hence, all the QB injuries we saw last season, and a few this season).

I understand that the same thing has been called RTP other times this season. That doesn't make this non-call wrong, it makes all the other calls wrong. The game is still a full-contact sport. It is the job of the defensive back to hit the QB when given an opportunity.

There sure are a lot of whiny Ticat fans on this website. You did not lose the game because of this one "missed" call. Time to get over it.

Problems with your mediocre team lie elsewhere. There needs to be a major influx of talent if the cats hope to reemerge as a contender next season.


Well, well, well.... It's not Monday.... but it appears that the CFL is now admitting NOT ONE... BUT TWO officiating errors on that key play in the Eastern semi. CFL Vice President of Blown Calls and Reviews, Glen Johnson, said Wednesday that BOTH calls on that play DO NOT MEET THE STANDARDS SET BY THE LEAGUE. So... not only was the RTP non-call AND subsequent review WRONG.... but so was the holding call called on Ticat offensive tackle, Revenburg. Hell, I haven't even brought up the blown fumble non-call on the next play.

But... here is where Johnson and the league don't get it. Johnson claims that "I don't think that one play in one game affects the outcome." WHAT THE F........???!!!! So what their saying is that there's no difference between being 1st and 10 on the 52 yard line with 90 seconds left in a tie game with the wind at your back and being 2nd and 14 from your own 10. No wonder CFL refereeing is at an all time low with leadership like that.

Sorry Johnson.... but your refereeing crew, in the span of two weeks, cost the Tiger Cats an opportunity an opportunity to host the Eastern finals and then knocked us out of the Eastern semi. Add THAT to the myriad of blown calls across the ENTIRE league this season... and it adds up to me not renewing my seasons tickets. Your feeble apology is falling on deaf ears.

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Worth a listen as the CFL seems to have an issue. Bud Steen says that all the right calls were made on Sunday.