Mr. & Mrs. MadJack's Excellent Grey Cup Adventure

Greetings all, here are some pictures from Grey Cup weekend.

First, Mrs MadJack with Eric Tillman (and player agent Gil Scott in the bottom left corner)....apologies for the fuzziness of the picture.

Next we have both of us awaiting kickoff........

Mrs MadJack with Kerry Joseph:

Here she is with Matt Dunigan:

And both of us with Dunigan (I think he liked her better):

This one's for papazoola....... :smiley:

Here I am with Angelo Mosca

And here I am with Prince Hal Patterson.......a real highlight of my trip, meeting that CFL legend!

Here we are with Pinball Clemons

Mrs MadJack at the East Meets West Bash

And here is what well-dressed BC Lions fans wear to the Calgary pancake breakfast

I like that shirt Tillman is wearing. I wonder if they sell it in other team colours.

Excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing. You guys really met a lot of people. I'm jealous. :twisted:

Great pics. looks like you had a great time!!!! :thup:

We sure did have a great time! Only one thing would have made it better, and I'm sure you know what that is.

Being from the Philippines, Mrs MadJack detests the cold, so the only way she'd go to a Grey Cup is when it's held in a dome; but she enjoyed this trip so much that the possibility exists that I will be able to talk her into going to Calgary next year.

Not a great possibility mind you, but one never knows...............

Wow, MJ, some fantastic pictures!

I must say, Mrs. Madjack is kind've a hottie.....

…the Mrs. and you are looking in fine form MadJack…Must’ve been a blast…and yes i did notice the best picture of the bunch…your lady with the Bomber shirt and helmet…lol…Dunigan always looks very personable…i wouldn’t let him get too close to my Mrs. though :lol: Some of these CFL greats, look quite happy to get into the pics with you…I guess they were only too happy, to get the opportunity, to boost their profile… :lol: Good-one MadJack… :thup:

Yeah, it looks like a lot of fun to be there. I've never been to a Grey Cup, but I have set the wheels in motion with a few friends to go in 2009.

Great post Madjack.......better then the usual crap you find in posts......Hopefully we see you here in Calgary at next year's grey cup when the Riders win it.... :lol:

Well hermanater we've taken in a game at McMahon before, had a great time, met some super people, so it would be a blast to be back there again.

And Artie? Yes she's a hottie, and you don't know the half of it ! :smiley:

Madjack as my favorite CFL forumite, great pics!! Glad you had a great time!!!

I'm your favourite??

What on earth did I do to deserve that particular honour??

You are just the best of a bad lot!!! :slight_smile:

Well thanks, I"ll take that as a backhanded compliment, and I always welcome those, since they are usually the only kind I ever receive.

Seriously MadJack, your posts are always insightful, a good read every time.....

Geez Mad, you really married up! :smiley:

FANTASTICALLY AWESOME pics! Love those great shots with all the celebs! Watch out for that Dunigan guy though - that evil grin belies where his hand is :lol:

I hope you don't mind, but that shot of you two in Lion gear at the pancake breakfast is so amazing, I saved it for my CFL archive!

Thanks a million for the great post! :rockin:

Ummm, sorry but that is not us in the last pic...............those were two BC fans............not us.

I love your photo’s.
I’m especially impressed with you meeting Hal Patterson.
My father is a huge fan of Patterson, Etcheverry etc. since he and his 5 brothers used to go see Hal play with the Alouettes, and I actually took him to a Ti-Cat event a few years ago that Prince Hal was supposed to be at, but he cancelled due to bad health.
I’m glad to see that Hal seems to have made a good recovery anyway.

I was in Montreal and had a great time on Grey Cup weekend. Unfortunately I don’t get to make it to too many fan type events as usually all the buddies want to head straight to the booze after waking up.

Yes, hands down meeting Prince Hal was the highlight of the weekend for me. I have been an Als' fan from the late 50s, so Etcheverry and Patterson (and then Dixon and Clark) represent very fond memories for me. After that infamous trade, Patterson came to live in Hamilton (where I was born and raised), and he lived just a block and a half away from me.