Mr. Mouth Odell Willis!!

Well Mr. Mouth Odell Willis said on TSN that the Tiger-Cats are the baby version of the Eskies?

Well the Eskies just got their arses kicked all over Commonwealth Stadium by the Tiger-Cats, so much for a strong defence ah Edmonton, all mouth No action Mr. Willis just like your coach Chris Jones!!

The Tiger-Cats kicked your butts big time tonight, what a thrashing and just three picks away from setting a CFL record and they are not even at the half way point in the season.

Congratulations Tiger-Cats you are the BEASTS of the CFL!!


I guess the existing thread on the game wasn't good enough ?


...I agree, if the mayor of sackville or whatever governmental position he's holding these days wants to go around saying Hamilton's defense was a baby version of the EE's defense then he should be prepared to eat those words when they backfire...the EE defense looked very inept tonight...

I for one don't believe that Odell Willis was actually trying to be demeaning, despite how it sounds. In his own way he was trying to say Hamilton had a great defence, just that Edmonton's was better. Completely understandable. You can even argue it's still the case. If you look strictly at points per game, Hamilton is third. The Cats have given up 6 more points than Edmonton, 8 more points than Montreal. However points scored by the opposition after the game is well out of hand still counts towards the defence which is something a lot of people were overlooking. Perhaps a better way is to look at point differential. Hamilton is +136, Edmonton is second at +50...

Or how about the fact that, while Hamilton has given up 6 points more than Edmonton, their defence has SCORED 8 TOUCHDOWNS, while Edmonton's has scored 2.

Careful now. You're speaking rationally.

Does anyone know the CFL record for points scored in three consecutive games?
I think we may have just set it! :smiley:


Not sure if this is the actual record, but in 1990 the Toronto Argonauts scored 156 points in 3 games:
68-43 win over Flutie and BC (highest scoring game ever)
49-19 win @BC
39-16 win @ Ivor Wynn

Then 169 points in 3 games including the that last one:
39-16 win @ Ivor Wynn
70-18 win over Calgary (the game with the bases and mound under the turf @SkyDome and also Wally's worst ever loss)
60-39 win over Hamilton

So the most points scored in 3 straight games that I know of is 169 by the 1990 Argos (which included 2 huge whoopings of Hamilton).

In that 5 game stretch the Argos scored a staggering 286 points (57 per) and also if the 56-36 loss in Edmonton just before those 5 games they scored 322 points (53 per) in just 6 games!

Edmonton has an off night and people jump on us like we're nothing... Smh. When your QB is Matt Nichols, you're bound to lose a few until Mike Reilly comes back and sets everything right again. Hamilton has the luxury of a starting QB and not an inept and stupid Matt Nichols. We had just as much production on offense as Hamilton did (both teams well over 400 yards). The difference maker? Collaros vs Nichols. It came down to QB's, not the defenses.

So to say Hamilton's defense is "better" than Edmonton's is very shortsighted. We had an off game and yeah, blew some coverage and for some reason decided not to tackle, but i'd still take Edmonton's defense any day of the week.

Remember Hamilton's loss to Calgary? One could say their defense was a joke in the 4th quarter (Calgary 3rd and 17 anyone?), but how easily we forget.

Edmonton has had 1 hiccup. Calm down OP.

That wasn't an off night , Hamilton is better and are smashing teams . As for Hamiltons loss in Calgary ... No stock in the opening few games of a CFL season . It's basically still pre season . Nobody has played more than a half and no team has gelled . After 7 or 8 games gives you a much clearer picture of how good teams are .

That is partially fair. Teams have off nights. It happens. Fully agree there.

However, the loss to Calgary isn't comparable. That loss was

  1. The first game of the regular season when you are still fine tuning things.
  2. Was a loss by 1 point, not a 29 point blowout
  3. Wasn't a three phase domination

I think the last point is particularly notable because Edmonton's offense also failed to perform. 20 points on the board isn't going to cut it, and the last two games were offensively limited as well. Of course, all signs point to Quarterback as the cause, and I'm inclined to agree. The league leaders right now are Hamilton, Toronto and Calgary. All have healthy starter quality QBs and haven't sustained a QB injury (save Toronto an Ray which is another topic).

This is why Veteran O.lineman and a solid blocking RB is of such importance, especially with the new Illegal contact rules making Offenses more pass happy then ever.

Any team in this league can have an off game or be right on and pull out a win no matter what their record is? The Riders will hopefully do that one day this year.

A sure motivator for any team though was the pre-game speech by Odell Willis on TV that even caught the eye of many media outlets and the Tiger-Cat players ... t-package/

Whenever you try to sell your team as being superior or your defence as being the best in the CFL you better damn well live it to it and Edmonton didn't even come close Friday night because they were over powered in every category by the best team in the CFL the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and number one in the power rankings.

Hey we can take the baby "D" slogan that Odell Willis is preaching, in fact he is right we are the youngest team on average age in the CFL and the young guns are currently whipping other teams!!


Hamilton's loss to Calgary? A one-point loss on the final play against the Grey Cup champions? In a game that they never trailed until that field goal?

Wasn't that the same week Edmonton was embarrassed by Toronto?

You compare one bad play by the Ticats to the Esks second complete no-show of the season?

All right, let's compare defence to defence. Edmonton recovered 1 fumble. Hamilton recovered 3 fumbles, intercepted a pass, and had a sack. And one of those fumbles was returned 106 yards, the third-longest in CFL history and longest ever by a Tiger-cat.

Edmonton can no longer claim to allow the fewest points in the league: that honour now belongs to Montreal!

The arguments for Edmonton having the best defence are getting weaker and weaker.