Mr. Morgantown: String Player, 2008

A contrast in coaches from TSN:

Wally Buono:

"It was a game where we had pretty much control of it from the beginning," said head coach Wally Buono about an effort in which the Lions led 27-6 at the half and finished the game with 431 yards of total offence to Hamilton's 258 yards.

The defence also boasted seven sacks and an interception returned for a touchdown.

"Can we play a lot better? I believe that we can. The good thing is we won and we get back into the (playoff) hunt."

B.C. also has an edge on the cross-over playoff spot. In the CFL, a division's fourth-place team can earn a playoff berth if its record is better than the other division's third-place team. Buono said he's not even thinking about it.

"The only thing I don't like is losing," he said. "It's a long season and from our point of view, we're not looking (at anything) other than the fact we've got eight more games left. The playoffs will take care of themselves."

And then there's Taaffe:

Meanwhile, Hamilton head coach Charlie Taaffe just laughed when asked about the playoffs.

"Playoffs? No sense talking about that," he said, adding that he hopes the team can simply regroup and play better when they head into Edmonton.

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The contrast between Chuckles and Wally couldn't be more diametric simply in the messages they convey. Period.

56 days remaining until the first day of the Ticat offseason. Tick tick tick...

Oski Wee Wee,

I live in Vancouver....

If Wally had the Ticats.....

Hage would be cut. Bad snaps from a centre are not accepted.
There would be 5 more OLmen every week until they played.
The d-linemen would be changed as well.
Moreno would not be allowed to rest on last year's laurels.
Printers and Williams would be FIGHTING for jobs with each other.

He would not accept this mess.
They would not be in this mess.

I know, I know....


Indeed re the bolded part!!!

Oski Wee Wee,

Normaly I would say no point in letting Charlie go before the end of the season but since he's honnest enough to admit he's given up on the season to the media. He's basicaly told everyone its over. Let the guy go.

Mercy culling...