I braved the elements and made the trip as many of us did. AS the rain pelted down i was off for a beer when i look into this cozy tent and there is mr scott mitchell I poked my head in and said hey scott u nice and dry? He never as much as looked at my wetness. Its not the fact that i was soaked and he was dry that pissed me off it was the fact of his smug nose acknowledgement a simple Hey how u doing or how u liking the guelph experiance? would have been suffice.
He is the one whos been begging us fans to support the team its only a year etc etc and at the end of it he really could give a rats ass about the true fans.
ILL be thinking long and hard before i buy my next ticket to make him look good

WOW, you went from a heart warming post to a bashing post :roll: you wanna hug :wink:

naa im good just saying his personality is dry and not as a fan but as a paying customer you would think hed show a lil appreciation. He was dry

Hey, as you yourself said, you gotta wait 6 months for the next positive post.

That would be early January when the annual announcement regarding the new coaching staff is expected. :wink:

Oh my god that is so funny, the six months, not the coaching staff :wink:

What was the guy supposed to say to you? He probably gets accosted by fans all the time, especially when the team is losing. What is the purpose of your post?

ticatbill: Doesn't sound to me as if your complaints are justified.
Did you take a waterproof rain jacket with you? The forecast was for rain....happens often at outdoor football games.
As for Scott Mitchell. I saw him at practice a couple of years ago and he was quite friendly and approachable.

@Tier2 ... What exactly are the reasons that the TiCats aren't playing at McMaster this year? You seem to know? Enlighten me please?

Because as far as I understand and have been told it's not MAC but rather the Westdale Business Improvement Association and the Westdale Residents Associations. BE VERY CLEAR ... I'm not blaming them. It's THEIR community. THEY have their own agenda which is NOT the Hamilton Tiger Cats. (Nor should it be for a temporary basis to the determent of their community.

Anyways ... I know I've said this before. Mr Mitchell has served his role well. HE is the HATED one. Bob is not. Bob is Reagan. Scott is all the nameless/faceless that took the fall before him.

And at the end of the day. Bob Young ... and Scott Mitchell ... Have made/left this franchise better than when they first arrived. Measure it anyway you wish. The franchise is better and its why I bought ANOTHER ticket!

I would have ignored you too. Can you imagine some snearing, sarcastic fan shouting at you "I hope you are dry" it' s like the obnoxious fans that shout and swear at the coaches. I bet you did this to impress your friends "hey look at me guys, I can shout and swear at the team president"
So you were wet and he was dry and that's why you are pis sed off?
You say he could't give a rats ass about the fans,???? Just because you were wet????? You poor sad man, we really feel sorry for you.

Attitudes in here will improve when the team starts winning. When does the hockey season begin? Bye for now. :roll:

The franchise, in most ways, yes. The team, no. Both their doing.

Interesting numbers here. After expressing my opinion (directly above), I checked the records to see how the facts compared.

Mr. Mitchell has been in charge for 6 full seasons and the 2 games this year. The team's regular season record through those 110 games -- 38 wins, 72 losses. Playoff games -- 1 win, 3 losses.

In the period of the previous 110 regular season games, the team's record -- 38 wins, 71 losses, 1 tie. Playoff games -- 1 win, 3 losses.

My tendency is to not respond to someone when I find they are being sarcastic to me, usually a little dry smirk back. That’s just me. I didn’t mind getting wet, is was sorta fun actually, only reason I left early was because my other half wanted to.

I don’t think Hamilton would be getting a new stadium at all if Mr. Mitchell was a nice gentle “step on me I’m just a rag” sort of person.

Gee that's weird. Anytime I poke my head into someone else's space they are quite cordial. Maybe it's you?

Aybe or maybe its him just being arrogant I don't know u and u don't know me but u pay my salary so no need for me to acknowledge the fan. All I'm saying is in the bussiness world if a customer comes to me I better listen cuz for every 1 customer u lose it works out to be 4 more on top

Go in your wallet and spring for a executive seat(covered)...simple!

So what you wanted him to listen to was you asking sarcastically out of the blue, "Hey Scott, you nice and dry?"

I've heard others on this board say that Scott Mitchell isn't exactly Mr. Congeniality. Maybe that's so, though I've never met him and can't say one way or another. But what you've described doesn't sound like arrogance on his part, it sounds more like sarcasm on yours. I probably wouldn't have responded either.

I work in business. In fact I have my own. I put up with unprovoked nasty remarks from customers on occasion. Fortunately not too often, because most people are nice and don't make them. But I put up with those remarks when they occur, I don't respond to them with feigned joy.

I understand you don't want to go to any more games to make him look good. I wouldn't either. But then, I never go to a game to make the team's management look good, I go because I want to watch the Ticats play. If it's pouring rain, I might change my mind. I wouldn't harangue management over it.


Those are amazing numbers!

In the following 110 games and half of a game worse. Almost identical futility.

Interesting coincidence. Gotta say, I'll take the 1995-2003 period over the 2004-2012 period. Lower lows, but higher highs - including a Grey Cup win. That beats persistent medicority in my book.

I would have ignored you too ... no one likes a wise ass