Mr. Mitchell-Let the cheerleaders help you improve game day

While the product on the field has not been great over the last few years, the cheerleaders under Lesley have been top-notch. I hope all would agree they are among the best in the CFL. Mr. Mitchell is there any reason why you don't let them take a larger part in the game-day experience? Really, having them dance twice in a game is not very much. (see today's spec poll

Further to that, why did you stop having music between plays? When the team plays like they did on Thursday, it sucks the life out of the stadium. It doesn't have to be deafening, and if used properly can really get the fans going. I will continue to cheer on the team, I will not cancel my seasons tickets, but in return I ask that the organization concentrate on doing the little things that they can control, to make the game day experience better.

Come on Mr. Mitchell, how about letting these ladies do their job and add some entertainment to the gaps in the game.

Well said, Mr. 30. I completely agree... why does this team always seem to make decisions that are counter-intuitive? If you have something that is clearly working exceptionally well -- truth be told, our cheerleaders are the best in the league -- then why would you change it? Seriously, doesn't head office have much larger things to worry about like the fact that our on-field team has been the worst in the league for years and fans are finally starting to turn away? Smart move, Mr. Mitchell... let's downplay what's actually GREAT about this team.

If it ant Broke don't fix it
It one of the few things that worked On Thursday.

Leave it alone

Guys.... the 'cheerleader controversy' ranks right up there with past 'QB controversies.' The same with the music. You like, I don't. Makes the game fun for you. Messes it up for me. Oh well.... the 'Cats can't win on this one.

After all the complaining about the music the past few years, I was interested in seeing how the crowd reacted to the reduced use of music.

It was funny - many times the stadium had the energy level of a morgue. No spontaneous infectious, stadium-wide cheers. No new creative replacements for The Chant. Not even any old standbys like The Chant itself. No deafening buzz as thousands of fans discuss the last play with the people beside them. Just mostly silence.

Obviously it wasn't much of a game, but that's no excuse - half the point of all the gameday entertainment hoopla is to make it seem like there's something entertaining happening when the onfield product just doesn't cut it. I would have welcomed some heavily distorted hiphop Thursday.