Mr. Kent Austin

I realize its a team sports 8) i just want to know what the Rider fan are thinking? :cowboy: 8)

I gave him a 12+.
Not because I think he is or will be a good/great coach or not, but because I have believed for a couple of years now, that the talent has been in place, but that god love him, Danny had hit the wall and a change was needed.
That means unless Austin stinks out the joint as a coach, there is no reason to not expect a first place finish with the talent that is here.

Plus as a Rider fan, optimism springs eternal....

I wish I read your post before voting Arius.. lol, but i think it would've only boosted my vote up one spot...

Yes the talent is there, but i think for the results you think we may just get next year are of the next next year... Once Austin has had a season tucked in his belt.

It may take a year as you say, but my expectations are high and Austin will need to live up to those expectations or it means they picked the wrong guy.

And rookie head coachs have had success in the past. Greg Marshall had his best year in his first year, Doug berry did well this year. Higgins first year in Edmonton was pretty good, and of course Maciocia won in his first attempt.
And there have been other rookie coaches that win the Cup.
Of course many of them had more coaching experience than Austin before getting the top job....

I'm trying to be as positive as I can be because I do have high expectations regarding the talent, but was not overly enamoured with the selection of Austin as coach.....

They have the talent but I will wait a while to see how much better than .500 they can be, Lets give Austin a chance to see what he can do

I think Austin can win 10-12 games next year. I think the Lions are still the class of the league, but after them the teams are all fairly close IMO.
I would like nothing better then to see Saskatchewan finish first in the West this coming year...then we could a replay of the 97 Grey Cup.