Mr. Harris

No doubt in my mind that Mr. Harris did what he needed to do to win this game. They shut him down early but he came back with a vengeance. Those runs late in the game were amazing. 153 yards rushing, against what some consider the 2nd best D in the game, was superb.

Standing O for Mr. Harris.

As for the hit on Bridge. Is Jeffcoat supposed to stop when he realizes that he may hit Bridge’s helmet ? Is he supposed to let Bridge make the pass and completion ? This is football ! It was not intentional. Just like Collaros, Bridge was throwing and jumping to do it. As he is coming down, Jeffcoat makes contact and the helmets hit. This is football ! This is why they all wear helmets.
Regardless, all those rider fans now have more time on their hands to get the rules changed. :wink:

Just a great win ! Mike O’Shea stays.

I called Harris having a big game, and I’ll also say he’s just getting started! You can sence the urgency, that this is the year to do it!

As for the hit, I didn’t like it…you don’t need to go that high…but I didn’t think it was intentional.

Riders fans make me sick when it happens to them they cry but when they do it then well that was a good hit.

Harris is deserving of all the accolades he is receiving.

But from my vantage point, the main credit for the win should go to the Bombers’ offensive line; I think they were the difference in the game, most responsible for the well-deserved win.

They were superb in run-blocking for Harris, and just as significant, if not more so, they totally neutralized those two great sack-masters in Jefferson and Hughes.


  1. Harris was a tour de force. One of the great performances in bomber playoff history

  2. Matt Nichols refused to toss the game away; he took his coverage sacks like a man, scampered for the odd 5 or 7 yd gain and threw the ball into the stands when no receivers materialized. Not a great stats line but he refused to lose us this critical game on enemy turf.

  3. Mike O’Shea - after I took him under my wing his improvement has been nothing short of remarkable; almost a perfectly coached game - although I’m sure he was going dah-dah-doo-doo late in the first half when Nichols blew field position and we tried (and failed) on a 53 yd field goal attempt - w/ the Sask’n burner in position to run it back for a kwik 6

  4. Bomber o-line - their blocking work on rushes (Harris, Dressler) was nothing short of outstanding. Yes, they couldn’t hold up Sask’n pass rush (schemes mostly) but 170 yds passing combined with 160 yds for Harris rushing and another 30 or so for Dressler adds up quickly to well over 350 yds offense in garbage weather and cold, foreign soil.

I had Andrew Harris in Fantasy. And Drew Wolitarsky too! Those two fellows pretty well saved my bacon.

……Solid effort and the 3 all star accreditation for our o line guys has proven to be quite accurate …They are the best in the league now, and it was quite evident when Harris needed to run those extra yards, they were there and a lot of the reason for his success…This kid Wolitarsky is fast becoming the new Poplawski…great hands and very smooth…What a beautiful toss by Nichols to him in the end zone…Big game changer and after Harris took over the game it was curtains for the Green Gang…Our D played reasonably well and were there when we needed a stop…Nice pick by Fogg on a ball that was definitely a ‘pickle’ as soon as it left Bridge’s hand…Game was managed really well by Nichols and Streveler kept the Rider D off balance when he was inserted…As for that hit by Jeffcoat on Bridge with 8 seconds left in the game…unfortunate but not at all deliberate and the call by Riders for a fine and suspension is baloney…Next stop Cal. where we’ll need all of our guns and then some

OK, now this is funny, Lyle ! ;D I love it.

‘I Shouldn’t Be Here: The Andrew Harris Story’

Thank you once again, Hoth…I just finished watching that clip and it is fantastic. I like Mr. Harris even more now. He pretty well got to where he is today, on his own !..Thanks again.