Mr. Eakin

Are we in agreement on having a premium corps of receivers this year? Vaughn and Flick, perhaps Ralph posing deep threats?
I would have liked to see Eakin get some reps in in our first few games, it hurt to watch Maas struggle. He was trying to force things and well .......
I think that we remember when D.M. and Marcus (who?) struggled last season,we saw Eakin come in and string together some decent drives.
Maas knows of a two quarterback system, doesn't he? This is the CFL!
I'm sure Little General remembers, Wilkenson & Lemmerman, Holloway & Clements,Printers & Dickenson, Ricky Ray & ? etc.
Get Eakin in and let him earn his keep, Me feels too many others aren't.


While I'm high on Eakin, to say Maas struggled is overstating it I believe.

Maas led that team last night.

Mass did everything and more!!! get rid of Paopao and see Mass really shine!!

I have to say I agree with Clawed2bitz. I think Maas throws the deep ball poorly (when he does throw it) and I think he threw behind Vaughn on every one of his crossing routes. I agree he can usually find the open receiver but I think he does make some rash decisions. Case in point- late in the 4th- 2nd and 6 or so and he runs what looked to me to be an ad libbed QB draw. Holmes broke totally uncovered to the back side and had 15 yards around him. Final outcome 3rd and 4 and we kick to them late in the game.

I for one would like to see Eakin get a few reps, if only to let Maas collect his thoughts and get back in.

Why is it thqt even when we win, SOME "fans" call for the QB's or coach's head on a platter? Give your heads a shake - WE WON A FOOTBALL GAME!!!

While I'm not sure if it is my post you are commenting on, my point was that we may be more productive if our QB was able to step back from the game and see things happen from another perspective. I think that after seeing this for a few series he would be able to come back in and lead us more effectively. See, no heads, not anywhere- especially on a platter. In my opinion they (platters) are reserved for wings and ringolos.

"scuze me sigpig, yeah, we won a game and I'm sure you're dancing around in your gold gitch and your black & yellow feather boa around your neck but...
I was trying to suggest that Eakin could bring to the table something from his past experiences and could teach Maas. I don't think I called for any coaches job nor did I ask for any other posters to ask for any heads.
I do think that a few "wish we had of put him in earlier"s could be parlayed into "they're really working well together"s

i doubt Eakin could teach anything to Maas . He has way to much experiance for that . It`s a long season Eakin will get his chance . Enjoy the win will ya .

I learned back on June 17 to never, ever expess my opinion on quarterback matters...... :lol:

The fans are on their own as far as that's concerned now.... :wink:

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(such a simple, creative, pro-active suggestion turned me into the 8 headed monster from Mars) :lol:

"Maas did everything and more" including a key block on a first down run in the first half.On a hot night he managed to keep the Calgary defense on the field for over 33 minutes, which DID make a difference at the end , just look at the Stampeder players being helped off the field in the fourth quarter, in fact 2 Calgary defenders were injured on one play tackling Jason.