Mr. Dylan Barker

Ok. He can run, he can guard, and he can hit like a speeding locomotive. Now, if he can only learn to catch. He dropped another sure intereption as he did the last opportunity that showed up in his hands against the Riders, I believe. The latter was not as costly as the former (thanks to Shivers separating Christian from the ball deep in Argos territory late, and giving the Cats a badly needed and overdue break and ultimately, the W.) May I suggest to Marcel that in light of this, Dylan Barker spend the majority of practice working along side the receivers and doing nothing, nothing at all, but working on his hands. That’s all he needs to be doing, imo.

Probably the reason why he is a safety and not a receiver lol.

Thanks, Reverend, for your lonely response. People here are a bit antsy about stepping on Barker's toes, but his toes are just fine. It's his hands than can use alittle moisturizing cream. He just needs to hang on to the specially wrapped gifts that present themselves from time to time and he'll be the complete undeniable package. No question his presence improves the defence and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him.

Never mind practicing with the recievers, keep working on hitting and Stopping the other team from making catches!!
and frankly put, Beverage would a, could a :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I'm alone in thinking Barker wasn't special? I really didn't see much improvement over Beverage. Different strengths, different weaknesses same result

Barker is average in coverage but great coming off the edge on the safety blitz. Loved when Marshall sent him in off one side and Mariuz off the other. Both guys are tall and fast.

Except that they're better with Dylan. Argos scored a grand total of 12 points in 4 quarters at home and shut out in the second half. Barker can account for alot to do with that.

Not sure they are better Kat. We got lucky that the Argo undisciplined play and poor ball protection prevented them from scoring more points

:oops: my bad. Argos were not shut out in the second half. They tallied six.

Im more p'od at frickin Jykine Bradley's 9 millionth miss tackle going for the same hit that never works. For the love of god coach Marshall fine him for it.

lets not forget Barker is young and still learning..
I think he has been playing well since he's been a starter..IMO

I'm am going to assume you are talking about the "big hit" he went for on, I believe, Andre Durie in the open field in the 4th. I, too, was ticked off about that. Just wrap the damn guy up!

It's also his Birthday today also Jason Boltus has his Birthday today 8-21-2010

I was freaking out at that play!!!!!
I believe it was on a second and long on the last drive of the game and that missed tackle led to a first down.

I think Dylan has played OK. He is certainly still showing that he is still young an learning one of the harder postions to play on defense, when it comes to both physical and mental play. He gets to the quarterback on blitzes quicker than any safeties we have had for a while. Good safeties are able to read plays and react quickly to passes. Did you notice how there were always 2 or 3 Argos right on our receivers when they caught the ball.

I was dissappointed that he dropped what should have been an easy interception. In his defense, that ball was wobbling terribly and it was coming at him so slowly he had a little too much time to think. He may have also been guilty of looking up field to see where he was going to go after he caught it.

It was a costly error as the Argos scored 3 points on the drive, and we would have had good field position. Hopefully the coaches reminded him to just focus on catching the ball first. The pick means a lot more than the YAC yards after.

This guy has all the tools to be a great safety. Let's give him some time to develop into a better starter.


That's the one I'm talking about. Why does he do this? Just wrap the guy up and force the 3rd down. No need to flip the guy over.

...pretty sure one of the first things you do as a kid is learn to catch a football, by the time you hit the CFL if you are playing a skilled posiition, you should hav decent hands, he is playing well overall but the INT in the rider game was very costly considering that drive ended in a TD instead of a Cats INT, and that INT last night we got lucky and the drive didnt end in any points for the argos if i can remember correctly (feel free to correct me if im wrong)

"if you are playing a skilled posiition, you should hav decent hands"
If he had decent hands, given his height and speed, he would have been made a receiver long ago. I have no idea how he missed that one last night, but catching the ball isn't what his position is all about.

All i know is: it's good to have a safety in the TV angle in a position to muff a's been a little lacking for a while now! LMAO :wink:

Not every safety can be Garney friggin' Henley re hands! Not even Hitch...I am sure he fluffed INT chances at that stage of his career. He does need to keep working on his hands. The picks will come because I see him making plays and being physical in other contexts.

All that stated, he should have had that pick. I am confident that he will rebound and have an impact on Labour Day!

Oski Wee Wee,


EXACTLY!!! Beveridge wouldn't have been in position to get his hands on it. Besides, it was an ugly lookin' throw (all wobbly and what not). Barker probably had no idea how to handle it. :wink: