Mr. D'Angelo, do not use a new name for Ottawa !!!

If this D'Anagelo fellow is successful, let's hope he doesn't change the name again. I would prefer the name Ottawa Renegades, Ottawa Renegade-Riders, Rough Riders, Ottawa Riders, Ottawa Rebels. Please not the cheesy and tacky names like Steelbacks or Cheetahs like I have heard. Keep with some history, merge the record books and names. Bring back the R. What does everybody else think ?

I think if everybody in Ottawa was this obsessed with a stinkin R, you would still have a football team this year.


I think if a new owner buys into Ottawa you should just be happy you're getting football back and not worry about what's in a name.

The Rough Rider name should be out, cause it is exclusively belongs to Saskatchewan now. Steelbacks is not a bad nickname, but they would still be the Renegades, cause they are not folded , just suspended. I would like to see the R come back, but should keep the "new" logo as well.

.........Ottawa Renegade-Riders?!?! don't think this sounds cheezy?.....if it happens ORR just be happy you get a team back, even if they are called the Ottawa Beer Coasters.........

........wrong........the Saskatchewan version is all one word......the Roughriders.......the term Rough Riders and the R logo are the property of one Horn Chen, previous owner of the Ottawa Rough Riders and sole reason you will probably never see this piece of history back in Bytown as Mr. Chen wants a king's ransom for this copyright material.......

do you really want to see two teams named the Roughriders again???

........sure, why not? has history within the league........the outside world makes fun of it but that is just ignorance........

Maybe they call themselves the Stamepeders then

How about the Ridin' Renegades

..........sambo, you are obviously unaware of the history of the two names.......perhaps you should go educate yourself on it before making further comments that serve no purpose other than to make you look foolish.....

He seems to like foolish!

I do know the history of the names, but it is silliness to have 2 teams in the league with the same name. I do believe that Saskatchewan has since copyrighted the Roughrider nickname , so Ottawa's team will have to have to be called something else.

Roughriders maybe
Rough Riders is already copywrited! do understand they are two separate copyright entities don't you?.......Saskatchewan's copyright of Roughrider is different than Chen's copyright of Rough Rider..........Saskatchewan's version doesn't bar Ottawa from adopting the name again........

Renegades is a suitable nickname dont you think?

........sure, it would have historical significance as fact, being that the Renegades are only suspended, as opposed to folded, the name is still the current version........if Mr. D'Angelo wanted to change the name to the Steelheads he wouldprobably face some opposition from the BOG.......

who cares about copywrites ....the man with the cash and brains (Frank D'Angelo) doesen't want to go the Rough Rider route.........Good

i think that he is using the situation for promoting is apple juce/brewery i agree keep the renegades' name it sounds better than rough rider

I think that if D'Angelo wants to run the Ottawa franchise and has the cash to back it up, he can name the franchise whatever he wants within reason. I kind of like the name Ottawa Steelbacks (although I think Hamilton fans are going to oppose it), but I don't like Ottawa Cheetahs, and would despise it if they used Ben Johnson as part of their marketing plans.