Mr. Crouch / Sec 8 Fight

Was there anybody else in section 8 who saw this?

There was this obviously drunk Toronto fan in a Crouch jersey who all nite was standing up, turning around and giving it to us all nite. Many people were telling him just to sit down and shut up because he was very obnoxious.

In 2 quarters, I saw him with at least 6 beers plus whatever he drank before the game started. He was asked twice by the event staff to sit down and was even spoken to by the police.

Now don't get me wrong, I luv going to Toronto with my Ticat stuff, cheering and enjoying myself. I do not get wasted and start spouting off at the hip on every play.

I have gone down 4 times to the Rogers centre and have never had a problem.

So when the game is pretty much over with 28 seconds left, after the Cats start fighting on the field, this guy start rubbing it in our face, yelling at us, getting up in our mugs, etc, etc.

The gentlemen behind us, I'll call him Ali, who has been telling this guy to shut up and sit down all nite, comes flying over my shoulder and tackles this guys and a huge mele ensues for about 3-4 minutes with many fans getting involved.

The cops finally come and only take Mr. Crouch away. The sad part was, I think his Dad or Buddy went with him as the cops took him away, they 2 girls he was with just stood there like nothing happened and that it was normal.

I luv the labour day game later at nite, the mood is just different, but with the cops running everywhere all nite and everyone standing and looking at this section here or there, we definitely have to petition TSN and the Cats to move this game up to 1 o'clock. A 1pm start doesn't give people the opportunity to drink all day. Why do they wait so late to cut off alcohol. Why don't they cut it off at half time?

The crown last nite was really out of hand. I have no problem with drunk people or swearing but it was about to get really out of hand. Especially on labour day, they need to get more cops!

Tiger Dirt

You are right, the crowd last night was out of control. That beer that was thrown at Jamal Robertson near the Ti-Cat endzone was a very cowardly act that could have resulted in serious injury.

Sounds like "Mr Crouch" was a real treat to sit near. I do hope TSN does the right thing next year & schedules the game for 1pm.