Mr. Commissioner market& Get CFL video game for kids

It`s time we start marketing the CFL, NFL have Madden, why can we get someone on board and develop and play station CFL game.

Its about time MR. Commissioner dont wait forever do it now and promote our game to the kids and build
more exposure and revenue for our game and leaque.

        And don`t wait forever to expand the CFL

to create more and exposure and a bigger market.

          Quebec city and Ottawa

               expand by two

               Don`t wait DO IT HOW!

I appreciate your make it sound sooo easy! If you would like, here is a link that you can publicize for a petition that will be sent to the CFL head office. Take care my brave warrior, and thanks.


Unfortunately, this thing is proposed on all even days of the month, or so it seems.

Evey week a similar thread comes up