Mr. Cohon keep NFL out, Expand CFL by 2 , bigger & bet

Hey David Black lives there. The city certainly has the money and, apparently the civic pride, to have a successful team. I think it's just a matter of time (and maybe sooner than later.

I doubt that the NFL has a serious interest in going to Toronto, and I personally hope that they don't. Nonetheless, it should not be any government's job to determine what entertainment citizens should be allowed to have. It's like U.S. cable tv channels that are not allowed in Canada. Instead of making them pay a fee for the right to broadcast in this country which could be dispersed among our channels to help cover lost advertising dollars, they simply are not allowed, technically making someone break the law if they watch that channel. This is suppose to be a free society.

A free society? Overall its not bad. May I point out that even in the USA there are restrictions on foreign ownership of various types of media.

You were talking about foreign media having some restriction in this country. Heck, I even think there is some logic to restricting some local media. I would like to own a radio station, but I can not just put up a 100,000 watt transmitter on my property and fire away, first their are limited numbers of frequencies, would you want me to me blocking out emergency channels???? The reality is that often restrictions and controls are about common sense, not some effort block freedom of speach...

Victoria had a chance when they hosted the Commonwealth games a few years back. And didn't they beat out Halifax? What a mistake.
Anyway, instead of building a brand new spanking 30,000 seat stadium, the tree huggers decided to put up temp seats to the delapidated dump of the current 5,000.
Wow there is progress thinking for you.

I agree with Wspidel, the NFL should stay the heck out of Canada. We have our own brand of football and we can watch all the NFL we want on TV.

The CFL and federal gov't should take a rock-solid stand against the NFL weasling it's way into Canada with regular season games or expansion franchises. They can keep their American Bowl too, as those games are usually flops in Canada and an embarrasment to all concerned

The NFL keeps trying to push their game into foreign countries, but I guess they can't take a hint. Nobody wanted to go to their game in Shanghai... NFL Europe has gone bancrupt after incurring over $30M in annual loses. Now they have rentrenched into North America and are now eyeing Toronto with dollar signs in their eyes.

The CFL and federal gov't should make it crystal clear to the NFL, to keep their hands off Canada or they will have the fight of all fights on their hands. CFL fans from far and wide should band together to repell these invaders from diminishing our cherished league.


Digital technology means that there is no shortage of space on the dial for channels.
I understand that foreign ownership of news/information channels could be used by outside interests to direct Canadian public opinion. I was referring to movie/tv channels.

What is a greater threat to Canadian democracy is mass- ownership of media by a few individuals/ businesses. The Aspers, longtime members of the Liberal party, own 2 tv networks, along with most of the newspapers that used to be owned by Conrad Black. Remember the fuss in the media (especially the CBC) when Black was assembling his Canadian newspaper empire? You rarely hear anything about media being dominated by a couple of people, despite the obvious potential threat to having a variety of opinions within media. Canada's laws concerning media ownership should be enforced.

Well the way things are going for the NFL I don't think there will ever be a need to expand into Canada, unless the city really went out and tried to get a team. Here in America the NFL is aready the top spectator sport with no signs of slowing down, unlike Basketball or Baseball. At most the NFL might want to do a pre or regular season game in Canada so you might what to stop that. But other than maybe that you can relax because nothings going to happen. And even though I love the NFL I love the CFL just as much. So I don't want to see what your talking about happen.

NFL in Toronto will be more popular than the Leafs. I think MLSE knows that. The changing demographics add to the level of interest. It may be a pipe dream in your eyes but it wouldn't be to "some" in Toronto alone. They might not admit to it on the record, but I believe there are more 'NFL' fans than Leaf fans in the GTA.

Speaking as a resident, Victoria would not, and could not, support a CFL team. As for the fan who suggested that a USL team would mean a bigger stadium, you are wrong. The USL only needs 4 to 5 thousand in attendance to break even.

Baseball and basketball are not slowing down. over these last few years baseball has grown alot. and basketball is very big. if you wanna talk about sports that need help in the states i would say hockey needs the real help.

I never support the tree huggers, but why would you spend the dollars to build a 30,000 seat stadium to only host one event. Temporary seats was the way to go for a one time shot. That 30,000 stadium would still be covered with spider webs from back then.

You can tell them that 30,000 times, but the expansion zealots will continue to dream about their 40 team league for eternity. :roll: :roll: :roll:

There there's always those negative types who love to chime in with lots of exaggeration but none of the answers. :roll:

So this bill never went through, because the team decided to move on its own, possibly out of fear that it would go through? Didn't Toronto have an Arena League team at 1 point, and the NFL's first version of a develpmental league had a team in Montreal, did it not?

NFL in Tornto more popular then the Leafs?
What are you smoking pal?

the cfl has to get back in ottawa first and it has to work. meaning at least 25,000 per game ,then halifax has to build a 30,000 seat stadium for an expansion team, 10 teams for sure.perhaps quebec and victoria next. it is too bad the u.s. expansion failed.baltimore was working until the nfl showed there any chance the league could go back south of the would need some sugar daddy's with very deep pockets to make it in the u.s.or a huge tv deal.who knows with nfl europe gone anything could happen i don't think the yanks liked our rules but that's what maked the cfl unique